Dressing up Skinny Jeans

If you read my post about the death of skinny jeans, then you might be shocked to this see. What can I say? I'm not ready  to call it yet. What I am craving is a slightly more sophisticated look. I mean I'm getting married - I'm practically almost a grown-up. (FYI I was once told that "adults" don't refer to themselves as grownups... to which I responded, "you're only as old as your skin looks" amen) 

However, I have identified what I believe to be the penultimate secret to dressing up skinny jeans. And it's not heels. It's tucking your shirt in. 

And there lies the rub, or bulge to be exact, because skinny jeans by their very definition are not optimized to have any extra fabric tucked in. Who really wants extra bulk added around their middle? Nobody. 

And so, I am finally starting to understand the appeal of those shirts with the elastic on the bottom. Tucked just an inch or two into the waste they give that pleasant  drape which comes from a much deeper tuck, but without the ripples and bulges of all the fabric smooshed in. 

Why did this take me so long to figure out? I don't know. But I'm so glad I did! 


There are some things that are just iconically summer - pools, brightly colored beach balls, blue water so cool and sparkling you have to put your toes in it, warm sunscreen oiled skin, wet hair, the crisp texture of straw hats, the feeling of sun-warmed leather on the pads of your dirty feet, the slightly crinkled papery translucence of a magazine who's pages were turned by wet fingertips next to a pool... When I think of the pure feel of summer I can't help but feel these. So simple, and so special all at once. 

If I could I would bottle these feelings up and save them for the next time I crave the simple sweet pleasures of summertime. 

Wide Leg Pants and the Death of Skinny Jeans

There has been a lot of talk of this whole "are skinny jeans on the out?" thing recently. While I'm not planning the funeral just yet, I decided to take a pair for a spin for a dinner party. I will say this - it's an adjustment. I felt very unkempt and free, not necessarily in the bad way.

If you are gonna take this for a spin, I strongly recommend starting with a dark wash and a slim fit through the upper thighs. Baby steps here. I found this pair at the used clothing store but I hear from other brave friends that when it comes to wide leg Jbrand is where it's at.  I am, as usual, dying to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.