Nuface versus Ziip REVIEW

Microcurrent was buzzing on my radar (pun intended) since I got my first ever microcurrent facial at the Perricone MD store on Fourth street in Berkeley. There was a metallic ting in my mouth and then I emerged a mere 30 minutes later with my whole face lifted, flushed with health and glowing. I became an addict, begging packages as presents for any and all occasions. What was this magic voodoo that would instantly give me cheekbones, de-puff my eyes and light me up from within.

I soon learned that the first at home device had been approved, and endorsed by none other than her majesty Bobbi Brown, I set out to make the Nuface my own. I started with the baby one, the mini, which definitely worked but began to whimper into the silent night which is when I splurged on the trinity - the holy grail (pun intended again ba dum cha) of the Nuface ouevre which has a more powerful engine, a more complicated charger, a longer batter life and detachable heads. Including my favorite, the ELE which is specifically for my most problematic of facial woes, under eyes and marionette lines. 

But then a hot new chick came on the scene. The Ziip. She was sleek. She had programs I could access from my smart phone including ONE THAT TREATED ACNE, and a secret off the menu feature that plumps lips like crazy for about 8 hours. It used nanocurrents, which is something entirely different from microcurrents in ways I would later learn to understand. So for the last month I have diligently been using both, making detailed notes on the differences, to come to you with this, the definitive guide to which device to invest in,  because it is in fact an investment. 
But first, a little bit of science explaining how it works form my gurus at Into the Gloss:
Two wands, negative and positive, and electrical current running between—exponentially less than could even power a light bulb. Put both wands on your face, and electrical current flows through the skin and facial muscle, causing not so much a contraction as a tightening.

I think of it as nothing so much as pilates for the face - tightening the underlying muscles through repetitive exercise to tone and tighten. Microcurrent also helps the absorption of skincare ingredients, as a bonus, and can increase blood flow which is what leaves behind that glow. Over time and with consistent use you build up perky muscles (think lunges and those other cheeks) while also stimulating collagen production, flushing out toxins through improved circulation. An important thing to note, microcurrent master Joanna Vargas told ITG, "“The point of microcurrent isn't to erase lines in the same way fillers and Botox do. Microcurrent is awesome for lifting the muscle and de-puffing the face,”she explains, along with fluid-draining and contour-enhancing side effects.

Speaking from my own results though, I would liken them to something spectacular. I notice my cheeks more chiseled and defined and plumper when I use the Nuface. Since I added the ElE attachment into the mix the lines around my mouth are much less defined than even when I tried out fillers. The bags under my eyes are slowly receding to an acceptable human level. 

Nuface with ELE attachment
And when I use the Ziip my skin radiates plump, sexy healthy. My lips become two delicious lusty pillows. I glow with an internal radiance that no amount of highlighter could ever mimic. 
So behold, an indepth comparison of the two products.


So for me, spoiled as  I am, I will probably keep using both. But how do you know which one is right for you? Fear not I have created a chart. 

Nuface vs. Ziip

 But we all know the proof is in the pudding, and all that, so I've also included  pictures of my face after using both of them. Not too bad if I do say so myself. 

GRWM: Getting that Glossier Glow

 Glossier is so cool in so many ways. The minimalist, photogenic packaging. The fact that it legit works better when you apply it with your fingers. The quality of the ingredients. The results.  But as the line has grown, it can be confusing on what to use and how to use it. There are def insider tricks. So I decided to make a video showing you how I would use my stash on a normal, average Tuesday. Nothing fancy, totally office approp. There is something fun and playful about a brand specifically designed just for application with fingers. Wash them first. Obvi.

But I also want to dig a little deeper into the cult of glossier, which comes from more than just the products themselves. It's a vibe. It's hard to articulate. There is an element of being a part of a cool and exclusive club, that somehow can include everyone. There is no you can't sit with us - there is only, sit with us and let's talk for 45 minutes about pink cashmere and the scientific properties of hyaluronic acid molecules. Then I will teach you about this cool indie artist.

That may just be what happens when a company blossoms through the sweat, vibes and energy of a particularly rad and brilliant woman. She is tiny, delicate, gorgeous but also funny. She has built a team of interesting, brilliant women and men with resume items like prada campaigns, ballerina and ivy league business school. Each and everyone is united by a desire to  change the beauty industry. Not just the playful packaging and hardcore science of K-beauty, but a uniquely feminist almost hippy beating hear of self love and self care. They make products out of real crystals. They show pores in their pictures, and they make you loathe any product that would dare suggest that human skin should be otherwise.

I  screenshot this image from Emily Weiss awhile back because I think it marks the moment in time when I truly felt like I wanted to be an ambassador for this brand.

And if you don't believe me that Glossier is changing the world, check out Fast Company which just ranked them amongst the top 50 most innovative companies in the world.

I aspire to be proud of who I am today. That doesn't make me love beauty products any less - it just makes me want to spend my hard earned money on the ones that don't try to make me feel shitty to get me to buy things.

Sad news - there is no eye shadow palette that is really going to turn things around for you.

You know what might though?

Looking at yourself in the fabled mirror at the new Glossier location. The one that simply says....


You Look Good 

Like already, just the way you are.

Shop my link for 20% off your first purchase, and free shipping over $30.  I'm always here and thrilled to answer questions you might have, and if you want to read more about the products I mention and use here the collection of all of them for your easy perusal.

Haloscope | Super Serums | Boy Brow Clear  and also here| Priming Moisturizer Rich | Phase 1 & 2

or just watch the videos below :)

The Full Glossier Look 

Just the How to for the Boy Brow Clear 

Dear NYFW: I Don't Want to Be a Coat Hanger

A long time ago I read an article about fashion models getting slimmer and slimmer. The general idea was this - the thinner the model, the less her body gets in the way of the clothes. Moving coat hangars. Having never been anything resembling a coat hangar, having all clothes stretch and distort on my body, this meant that fashion felt inaccessible to me.

As I aged, I began to appreciate fashion in a different way - as an art form, a craft. I began to covet the gateway drugs of the fashion world, shoes and purses. I learned that cut, fabric, construction are of a high value, that they feel great on your skin and in the part of your body that floats somewhere above your sternum. It's root lock of your ego. The biological impetus for gathering the shiniest pebble. The covet gene.

During that same time the world of fashion became more accessible literally. Fashion shows  began to be captured by furtive, and then omnipresent, cell phones. Those devices in turn got better.

What remains inaccessible to me (beyond the hefty price tags which The Real Real only dimly assuages) is the body-as-coat-hangar. I watched the stunning, monochromatic parade of liquidy silks at Tibi broadcast across several insta stories and feeds, and all I could think was damn those girls are thin.

Now, don't get me wrong. Some of my favorite people in the world are thin. I'm far from hating on thin people. What gets me every single time is just that I know that some of these girls are hurting themselves to look like this. We know this because they tell us this, the models. They worry about themselves, their friends, the dangerous measures they go to to shave inches from their bellies and hips.

We pat ourselves on the back because Lena Dunham is on the cover of Glamour (looking haute as hell) and then we watch a parade of human coat hangars sashay down lane after lane wearing sumptuous and drool worthy clothing.

I crave the moment when runways are filled with people of all sizes and colors. I long for it. I feel it in the empty hollow sack of skin over my right breast, where I had the fat ripped away from me. It aches. That fat belonged there, at least until it tried to kill me. The skin and bone where they touch feels like licking dry bread, but inside my body. It rubs me wrong.

In the beautifully written article in this month's Vogue about intersex model Hanne Gaby Odiele she says something so simple but it really struck a cord with me, because it touches on something that I want so badly to be true.

“Being a model is like a big compliment, but it can be so one-sided. I knew I wanted to use it at some point as a platform to give back, to do something, to tell people: You can be accepted however you happen to be! The ‘norm’ is not what you think it is.”

So read the letter (FULL TEXT HERE)  while I breathe deeply and send my healing energy out to the world of people who are hurting themselves. I too would like a little bit more control of my body, but beauty is a concept as soft and malleable as air - we have so much more power over it then we realize.

fake clear aviator glasses (because why not)
makeup by glossier (shop my link)
Iron Lagerfeld by Bleached Goods (please tell me you understand the symbolism)