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VIDEO: How to Use Concealer Before Foundation

I know GASP, this is just crazy! But hear me out? Recently I've been having like, tectonic plate level action on my chin causing an ongoing cluster of breakouts. The rest of my skin is stunning and does not want a heavy dose of foundation. What's a girl to do? I tried just using foundation on my chin but it was a nightmare - it looked like I was a puppet, or like I dipped half my face in something. People kept trying to wipe my chin for me.

So I started just using concealer, and that was ok, but I could really see the places that had that uniform makeup look. It felt like I was just drawing even more attention to the spots. So almost by accident, I decided after I had put my concealer on to revisit the Glossier Skin Tint everyone raves about that I could never quite figure out. Lo and behold, when put on after  my heavy, full-coverage concealer it became a wonder that blended the spots in, evened out my skin tone, and imparted a dewy shine. All without greying out my freckles or looking gross.

Then, as if by magic, my friend asked me if I had tried the concealer after foundation thing. I was like WHOA, spooky, this must mean I need to write a blog post about this. So now you know my creative process. Seriously I take requests.

Anyways, watch the handy video I made, watch this video on how to use the beautyblender sponge, and don't forget to send me any videos/questions you'd like me to answer. Links to all the products I used below...

Glossier Skin Tint in Medium, Mist on Beauty Blender, Priming Moisturizer to prep skin before video, Boy Brow in Black, Haloscope in Quartz & Generation G Lip in Cake | Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage 24/7 Concealer Pencil and Finger Brush | Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer | BeautyBlender PRO


It's all about the under things...

I remember this slip dress thing in the 90s. It was not figure friendly. Even if you are comfortable going sans bra (which I like, totally am) there are still other things that need to be taken care of. Ideally in a comfortable, smoothing, effortless and flattering way. That's not asking for too much right?

Well, if you are comfortable going sans bra (hint: the trick is in the fit of the garment, the right tailoring or looseness will eliminate most concerns) then I highly recommend a pair of reusable pasties. They come in a variety of colors, and when you match your skin tone, become invisible even under a white, crepe slip dress. The trick is the material which almost creepily feels like skin, but is light and breathable and moves with your body when on.

When paired with a set of nude high waisted boy shorts (with a little support, sorrynotsorry) you have the perfect underpinnings for what should be impossible to wear, a white slipdress.

Here's my favorites:
Nippies Skin Reusable Pasties in Medium (that's the color, not the size)
Spanx Power Shorty in Light Nude


VIDEO: How to Use a Beauty Blender - The Tapping Method

Here's the thing - I have freckles. So if I try to go for that poreless, airbrushed look I end up looking freakish. The freckles do not want to be hidden. They do not like it. They revolt. So I have had to learn how to get all the things I want from my complexion without the aid of full coverage. You guys don't know how lucky you have it.

Half of it is just in finding the right formula and color. But the other half is definitely in the application and the tools. The beauty blender has basically changed my life because it allows me to get what I can from product, namely evening out my color, eliminating redness and spots, and imparting a healthy, dewy glow. It also lets me use less product, and helps it last for longer.

How it does  it do all these magical things? Well, like all things in the beauty world it breaks down to science (which is why the knockoffs don't work as well!) The porous, synthetic, patented material has a unique surface that grabs onto product, leaving just the right amount behind. So the trick might actually be thinking about using your blender to remove your makeup, not put it on.

The tapping method is really about using the blender to blot the product away, leaving behind the thinnest possible layer so it looks the most like natural skin. The addition of water (or in my case, mist) melts the product into your skin and helps the blender to leave a little bit less behind for a fuller coverage effect. The mist is actually what helps the product to stay on longer (got to love that melting!)

Watch the video to see exactly how I do it, and remember these rules:

1. Never Never Smear - smearing with the blender is basically useless. It just spreads the product around. In order to take advantage of the blender's magic texture you need to blot on the face. Use the broad side for big areas and the tip for precision and for blending things like concealer. Smearing not only wastes product, it looks unnatural.

2. Tap Tap Tap - imagine you're blotting out a stain on a delicate fabric. In fact, always treat your skin like delicate fabric. When you blot with the blender apply a light but deliberate force to lift to product up - like you would if you were trying to rub out a stain. Then repeat all over your face.

3. You can always add more, but it's soooo hard to take it off - I like to start with a very small amount and tap it all over. If I need more, I will apply just to those areas, this let's my skin shine through.

4. Clean your blender often - I don't feel like I need to explain this one but just don't let it get gross. It will last longer with regular cleaning and it wont make you break out!

5. Practice makes perfect - Once you finally unlock the magic it is so so worth it!


What Growing Your Eyebrows Out REALLY Looks Like Before After AND During with Pictures

I've been growing my eyebrows out since the end of April. Every time I google it, or look it up in pictures, I see great before and after shots but never the process of during. I've realized this is where most people stumble. Because they think "Oh, this hair is so low below my brow bone it won't matter if I pluck it!" But they are wrong. So very, very wrong. Growing your eyebrows out is like growing your hair out - there's a heinous, awkward, unavoidable part in the middle and apparently nobody else wants to take pictures of it and put it on the internet. The new growth starts so low it feels like it's basically coming from your eyelid. You want so so bad to pluck it. It grows longer leaving a beached section of stubby little hairs separated by a noticeable trough of skin poking through. This is when most people give up, this is when it becomes hard, this is when the lure of the tweezers is unavoidable and men start asking what's going on with your facial hair situation. THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST PERSEVERE. Pencil it in. Use a brow tint.** It's only a month and then suddenly your brows are amazing and thick and on fleek or whatever. Power on.

I did not set out to take these pictures but found myself compiling them for a friend who didn't understand why her growing out wasn't working. It's because those "low hairs" were the sproutlings of the thick hair she wanted. They just needed time to reach their destiny.

**Full disclosure: I used some latisse on my brows during the month of June in an attempt to speed the process. I'm not sure it did anything since the hairs seemed to grow faster in July/August when I ran out and stopped using it. Not enough data to make a full conclusion on if it's worth it.

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