Tie Dye & Racerback - A Broad Shouldered Girls Best Friend

Me trying to look tough...

Me trying to look sweet, with a really pretty backdrop...
So, here's the thing about being tall, often, when you're tall, you're also larger in other places as well. For me those other places are my shoulders and waist. I sometimes feel like a cross between a linebacker and a ballerina. So in the great tradition I have established in my last two posts, I want to talk about optical illusion and creating a flattering silhouette using said illusion.

The trick for broad shoulders is that you want to emphasize them in a way that makes your waist look smaller, without making them so wide you look like Beast from Glee (love her, don't want to look like her.) Bad for this: Boat necks, polo shirts. Good for this? Racerback. There is something about the subtle curve and angle in from armpit to neck that is very flattering on a broad shouldered gal like myself. Same for the way that in the back it breaks up the line from shoulder to shoulder, making it appear less broad.

Tie dye is also kind of a magic pattern because it makes the eye kind of swirl around, making it very forgiving for little bumps you might not want to call attention to. This top is a combination of both of these things, making it basically my new favorite top.

I paired it with my pink cropped moto style sweatshirt jacket because the colors together made me happy and also because I thought it would class up a shirt that might seem otherwise more appropriate for the beach and then I threw on some dark skinnies and hit the road. 

Please enjoy how narrow and feminine my shoulders look in these photos.


No, I did not cut my hair, but this photo made me consider it...

My new teddy bear charm from Etsy... #obsessed

Me as the photographer... oh the tables how they turn...

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