Trying to be Tough

Did it work?

My teeth, before one decided to crack and fall out this morning. Miss you tooth.

Seriously, I'm trying. The universe has been messing with me recently and I felt the need to fortify myself. Nothing says "tough" like leather, or in my case, pleather. So out come my favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots which I swear were the best things I ever bought.  (thank you wifey for letting me seriously jock your style) They are jsutso comfy, even with the heel. A little moto jacket, a dash of dark colors, my Joes Jeggings and boom. TOUGH. Right?

Admit it, you would TOTALLY cross to the other side if you saw me in a dark alley?

PS: The shoes also put me at a solid 6 ft plus,  which also makes me extra feel tough.

The boots, aren't they amazing? Also, my dog, who is equally amazing.