SF Oysterfest Guy Style

I'm gonna make today's lesson short and simple. Heels are hot. They make any outfit (simple white blouse, jeans) seem fancy while making your legs look like barbie legs. Enjoy the pictures...

So, it's no secret that I obsessively devour fashion blogs, pinterest and other fashion related media (on top of all other media including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and anything else I can get my hands on) and of course, I am stalker like in my observance of the fashion choices of the people around me...

Which is what inspired todays outfit. I saw this amazing, and VERY flattering denim "vest" on one of my favorite blogs Song of Style. I mean, she looks insanely good in everything but I could tell this would be a style that would be very flattering on someone bigger trying to look smaller also.  And since it 's well documented that I am obsessed with denim shirts, it just so happened that I had one lying around that cost me about $12 urban outfitters on sale (bulldog) and whose puffy sleeves I wasn't such a fan of and so I thought, I can do that too! And so, like Song of Style I cut the sleeves off...

And Voila! Amazing! Easiest DIY ever and so chic.

I also want to give a shout out to my intern, who is freaking fabulous and who came in on Monday looking picture perfect in a long black skirt, neon tee and denim jacket. I stole your color scheme and I am unapologetic.

Also to my amazing BF, who let me steal his watch which I am obsessed with even though it's gigantic. I just found out it GLOWS IN THE DARK. He may never get to wear it again (ok, ok, we'll take turns)

So. I am a girl. And I will be the first to admit that girls are crazy. For many reasons. Today's reason is that I planned my entire outfit today around the bracelets I wanted to wear. I'm pretty sure you never hear a guy say "Oh, I really want to wear this watch today, I am going to build my entire outfit around it."

In fact, I'm pretty sure no guy would ever say "build my outfit around" anything but nevertheless. Crazy. However, I think when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, each and every morning, it helps to have a little bit of inspiration-whatever that inspiration might be. And for me it was an #armparty.

My muse, the blue and white La Mer wrap watch and arrow from Brandy Melville.
Friendship bracelet I made myself. I smell a DIY coming soon..

The full effect. 

Been a while since I gave my sunnies the love they deserve. Sunnies, I love you. 

My Nasty Gal Nuckle Ring, can't help myself, I'm obsessed...

Feeling very patriotic, Yes? YES. 

Isn't it just amazing HOW MANY NUDE SHOES I OWN, sometimes I amaze myself. 

Clearly,  I like telling people what to do.

 But since I was reading up on my Meyers-Briggs profile (FYI I am The Caretaker) I wanted to explore why I felt the need to do this in a very public way (aka writing a blog.)

According to aformentioned profile
 "The ESFJs aka Caretakers are very giving people, who get a lot of their personal satisfaction from the happiness of others."  

OOO, so me. 

So, with this thought in mind, I wanted to give you some insight into an article of clothing that I guarantee will bring you lots of happiness. And of course give me personal satisfaction. The kind that only comes from being surrounded by other people who look good.

And so, with my altruistic nature in mind please behold the wonder and power of the denim shirt and it's many uses.  

Also dudes, I am including you here as well because they look hot on y'all also.


Tied Up, Collar Popped, Blinged Out with some sassy shorts

Men's Denim Shirt from American Apparel
Shorts from Urban Outfittes
Purse Forever21
Watch from Casio
Neon Bracelet from H&M

Oh, look. Nude shoes! Surprise!

Bonus: Close up of my rad #armparty

But wait, there's more! Toss it over a tee and the same outfit becomes casual but STILL AWESOME.
(Correction: This is actually a different, "western style" denim tee from F21)

Confession: It's too small for me to button, but that actually makes it look awesome like this because the  rest of it fits so well

And if that wasn't enough:

I'm wearing it again today!! 


Seriously boys, this look is SO HOT

San Francisco Surfer

So, in my new life I wear a lot of graphic tees. And this is AWESOME because they are adorbs and also totes comfy. I throw one on with some pants (leggings) and shoes (slippers/flip flops/TOMS) and off I go to work. Possibly just slightly more on the side of "comfy" than "adorbs"... aka I look like a bum. There, I said it. Felt good.

But, ANWAYS, so today I was interviewing interns. I wanted to look like someone who was actually qualified to supervise content for a fashion related website. Basically, I wanted to look stylish.

 I also wanted to wear a graphic tee (I find it helpful to be able to illustrate our business model with it, oh and I'm obsessed with them.) It's also like  -20 outside today (oh, summer in San Francisco).

These were the challenges I faced in dressing myself today.

So here's what I did.

This is my grownup face...

I paired one of my favorite tees (by Chaser, which I actually got on Ebay because I wanted it so bad and it was sold out everywhere!) with a slim-cut jean from Nordstrom rack and this crazy sleeved sweater/jacket from F21 circa 2007. Then I tossed my hair up in a high bun, which is I swear, 100% NOT because I still haven't washed my hair. (um, anyone believe me?) Then I put on some pointy flats (Nine West Circa 2006) and of course my Brandy Melville peace necklace and TADA... I look like an grown up right? I mean adult. Because I've been told grown ups don't refer to themselves as grown ups. 

Authors Note: Guys hate pointy shoes. My photographer kept cutting them off in the picture. Also my boyfriend makes dressing requests like "heel thingys, but not too pointy." It's because to them they look like witch shoes. Girls love them because they create the optical illusion of longer legs. Clearly I love optical illusion (see here, here, pretty much all of my posts.) So which is better, long witchy legs? Or man-friendly stumps? You tell me, I am dying to know.

So, as I may have mentioned before- there are ways to dress that flatter a um, robust, gal like myself. And then there are ways that don't.

I love today's outfit with all my heart and soul, but it really does break all the rules.

Take this baggy WHITE sweater. Let's be honest, the potential is there for me to look like the marshmallow ghost from Ghostbusters. There is nothing even pretending to give me the illusion of a waist here.

Plus I am a dirty girl who didn't get to wash her hair this morning so back it goes into a tight ponytail which does nothing for my uber broad shoulders but does give me a nice fake facelift feeling.

Then I put on my most favorite (yes I know that's wrong laz, don't care), least well fitting pair of shorts (leather, of course)

AND if that wasn't bad enough I broke the line of my legs by putting on matching black leather ankle crossing sandals. They look amazing with my bright pink toes but they do nothing good for the line of my leg (see nude shoes.)  I'm basically asking to look like a Mr. Potato Head.

So why don't I?

Ahhh, here's the lesson for today. Sometimes you need to break all the rules to follow the number one rule of dressing well, which is to be yourself.

My legs are my best feature. Always have been, always will be. The color-blocking and the "book-ending with black leather" immediately draw the eye to them making me look slender even though my top half resembles a comfy marshmallow.  Feels like one too (sigh) Also, I think the pure love I have for my leather shorts just radiates, making me look better in my outfit.

The result made my boyfriend nod his head and say "wow" when he saw me, so I'm feeling pretty good about a little rule breaking this morning.


When it comes to the ponytail, I gave it a little extra lift with a teasing comb (bigger the hair, closer to god, amen) and I put on a little extra eyeliner to draw attention away from my broad shoulders and up to my face.
#1: If you haven't read this article on "28 Ways Sex & The City Would Be Different Now" stop what you are doing and go read it right now. Try not to dwell on how old it makes you feel that this show started 14 years ago.  That's only half your life, NBD.

Then, once you've done that. Come back here and meditate on this one, which is one of my favorites: "Carrie would be a blogger."

Amen. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Carrie (and really, she's the only one that's not an archetype, so didn't everybody feel like a Carrie?) But really, my boyfriend is kind of a hotter, less polyamorous Big. And my friends are kind of my life. And dating sucked a lot, until it didn't and then it was kind of a fairytale. Also I have a lot of clothes. Like a lot. And I love them like they are my children.

So ANYWAYS, today I am going with a group of said girlfriends to see a SITC drag show. And of course, this calls for an OUTFIT.  Captial "O" outfit. Because everyone dreams of dressing like "the girls", including a group of hot boys, apparently. 

So this is what I am wearing today. As you know I am obsessed with peplum, so clearly that was called for. 

Also, one cannot go see SITC without heels but since I am also the tallest of my group of friends by, oh 5 -10 inches, I went with some lower heels. But the cutouts keep them sexy, right?

 But I made them nude to make my legs look super long (Oh, optical illusion! How I love thee!) And of course because I live in a city that's confused about what summer is, I tossed on a trench coat. Half closet pervert/half stylish, right?

And of course, what outfit would be complete without an arm party? Not mine, that's for damn sure. 

Somebody pass me a sugar-free cosmo.