Trying to be Tough

Did it work?

My teeth, before one decided to crack and fall out this morning. Miss you tooth.

Seriously, I'm trying. The universe has been messing with me recently and I felt the need to fortify myself. Nothing says "tough" like leather, or in my case, pleather. So out come my favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots which I swear were the best things I ever bought.  (thank you wifey for letting me seriously jock your style) They are jsutso comfy, even with the heel. A little moto jacket, a dash of dark colors, my Joes Jeggings and boom. TOUGH. Right?

Admit it, you would TOTALLY cross to the other side if you saw me in a dark alley?

PS: The shoes also put me at a solid 6 ft plus,  which also makes me extra feel tough.

The boots, aren't they amazing? Also, my dog, who is equally amazing.


So, this month's Birchbox just might be the best Birchbox I have ever gotten, in no small part because of this insanely easy to use liquid eyeliner by Eyeko that was in it. (note: Birchbox is sold out in black but Sephora has it and at $15 bucks it is a freaking steal.)

As some of you may know, I am pretty much obsessed with Bridget Bardot but I have never been able to master the cat-eye... until now.

I love you Bridg, you are my hero...

The Perfect Weekend Outfit

I know it's not the weekend anymore (I mean, clearly, I wish it was...) However while I was fantasizing about it being the weekend again I decided it was time to share with all of you what I have discovered...

The perfect weekend outfit.

Now let it be said, I do not use the word perfect lightly. Nay, I would be hard pressed to describe anything I do as perfect (maybe perfectly ridic?!) but I think I have struck pay dirt here.

What does one wear when one will be attending both a corporate battle of the bands, an intense errand running session and a day date with ones hunky bf? You must be cute/hot, but also comfortable enough to schlep around all day, presentable enough to meet one's BF's coworkers, and stylish enough that people in public will believe you work for a fashion brand.

So here are my ingredients:

1) Cute, comfy, visually-leg -extending shoes which can be worn all day without blister, pain or soreness aka the nude moccasin. Seriously, these things are amazing. They have the leg extending power of a nude heel with the all day comfort of a sneaker. Similar here in Taupe.

2) Hug your body like butter cutoff shorts. Mine are from Joe's but I used a groupon and the cutoff thing is VERY personal. But these ones are amazing so if you've got the dough by all means throw down. Or stay-tuned for a DIY post on cutoffs coming soon....

3) A well fitting black t-shirt. Black is both flattering and oh-so-chic. The one I am wearing here is actually a dress from H&M but I am tall and I like a little gather around the ol'tummy so it works perfectly as a top. The 3/4 length sleeve and higher scoop is also both flattering, temperature compliant and not too slutty.

4) A lady-like satchel that is big enough to carry the necessities. I got this beat-up old thing at F21 and I should have bought 3 because it is the perfect size for a day of adventuring and it matches everything. Also it always makes me feel a little posh.

5) An army jacket. This thing has a billion pockets and is somehow magically both warm and cold when it needs to be. Also, the cinched in waist makes me look somehow ladylike, despite the fact that I am vaguely dressed like a teenage boy. Sadly, I bought mine at Urban over a year ago but I believe you can find something similar there still or else check the internet because these things are easy to find.

Mixing Patterns! Oh My!

Yup. I did it. I went there. Every few years the magazines say "Mixing patterns is so hot right now!" and normal people think - "Ha! You must be crazy!" I mean, let's be real here. About 90% of the stuff that they put in fashion editorials in magazines cannot be worn by real human beings in public. And when they give advice like "Pick different patterns in the same color!" sometimes it doesn't even look wearable on the models in the magazines. And if a model in a magazine can't wear it, welp, there's no hope for the rest of us.

Anywho, all of this disclaimer aside there are some fashion rules that I think are silly and have been shucked by the wayside. I mean, the canadian tuxedo is SO HOT RIGHT NOW and I wear black and brown/navy blue ALL THE TIME.

The old fashion mores are clearly dead.

So this morning I was staring at my closet. I had my base outfit set, but I just couldn't find an overshirt that suited my fancy. Everything was so blah. Also scratchy... And there, beckoning me like a soft, fuzzy red cloud was my favorite flannel. "But Dena!" my subconscious said, "You are already wearing a pattern!"

"So what!" I said to myself, "They both have black accents. They both have horizontal vertical pattern thingies going on. I'm gonna do it!"

And I did. What do you think? Did I pull it off? Please let me know!! (Not just so I can stop having conversations with myself...)

Graphic Tee + Short Suit + Bangs = Happy

Let it not go unnoticed (mostly because I talk about it ALL THE TIME, like here and here and here)  that I wear a lot of graphic tees. One could say I am obsessed. I would say "yup" then I would say - but look at all the awesome ways that I can wear them! Like today, when it's gonna be an actual, real, sunny, summer-like day in SF and I also have drinks with an old old friend who now works at my favorite fashion blog and so I need to:

1) Look awesome
2) Not be so hot I sweat out my bangs by lunch
3) Look as cool as an old fogey like me can possibly look
4) Make people take me seriously as an actual employee at a fashion startup

Now let it be known that I love short suits. Like LOVE them. I literally am over the moon that they are in style right now. I am saving my money to buy this one from Nastygal.  But until then I will have to make due with throwing something together from my closet, including my favorite graphic tee and of course, nude shoes (yes, I do own none-nude shoes but I just don't love them as much!)

Ta daa!

A Love Affair with Patterns

When done correctly patterns are SUPER flattering. They cover all manor of sins (and by sins I mean bulges in bad places) and they make any outfit look a little bit more festive. One of my favorite looks when I'm feeling especially portly is to throw on a well cut top with a crazy pattern, skinny jeans and BOOM - outfit.

Now, please note that I said WELL CUT TOP, because when done incorrectly patterns will have the opposite result and make you look like a circus tent, couch etc.

What you want to look for in a flattering patterned top is something that is a bit tailored, with some interesting detail to accentuate the pattern. Because my tummy is my least favorite of all my body parts, I like something that is fitted around the shoulders but then loose and drapey from about bra-line down.

Do not, under any circumstances, wear bubbles tops. Ever.


This top is just insanely unbearably flattering. The ruffles hide EVERYTHING, just everything, but the floral pattern makes it look airy and pretty, like a meadow being fluttered by a breeze. The racerback  straps narrow my shoulders and do something magical for my clavicle and I feel a little bit pretty-pretty princess, in a good way (isn't it always a good way?)

Everyone has a nice clavicle, seriously, EVERYONE

Bulges? What bulges?

Dark, adornment free skinny jeans make a necessary counterpoint to the ruffles and pattern and overall largess of the top.


Also seen here in white, this drapey fit sort of skims over everything, but in a polished, put together way that makes me feel very grown up. While the white is quite winsome, this pattern just gives some serious crazy eye stimulation which makes it even post family BBQ hungover Dena feel both polished, a little fierce and also like my alcohol puffy will remain cleverly undetected. It also hides my inevitable dropped food stains much better than the white version. 

Look, there's my clavicle again, also, no bulges, HAZAA

PRO TIP: To give this top a little more shape I do a partial tuck in the back, it nips it in just a bit but still covers where I want that flowing coverage...

Greetings from the Urban Jungle

Meow. That is all..

Red, White & Blue (and green and some neon)

I love costume holidays! Well, technically the 4th of July is not a costume holiday so much as a "festive" holiday, which is even better because you get points for subtle and stylish incorporation of the theme of the day.

So instead of donning a sparkly red latex skirt with blue starred matching top (I was at the Marin County Fair, I actually saw this) I decided to go for just a hint of patriotism via a flag bandeau from American Apparel which peeked innocently out from under a sheer NastyGal top... and Voila! A random person in line for the Ferris Wheel told me I was wearing "the best 4th of July outfit she had every seen." Winning!

Meet Fenway **This is not about clothes**

So this weekend I finally got to bring home the boxer I rescued from the SFSPCA. He's amazing. #1 he's gorgeous. #2 he is just insanely well trainer- he hasn't barked once and in addition to "sit" "stop" "down" "heel" and "come here" he also knows how to SHAKE. Seriously, this guy will shake your hand. We have had him for less than 72 hours and we are obsessed.  Also, I got sick so I have nothing cute to show you except my puppy. Please enjoy...