My 2 Minute Daytime Make Up Routine with Built In SPF

SPF EVERYTHING (because because)

Why not save even more time in your morning routine by combining your face evening out with your sunscreen and your brightening pop of lipcolor? 

STEP 1: Bare Minerals Serum Foundation & Brush (I tried my normal foundation brush, not as good)

I will confess to hating this foundation at first. It was reacting with something in my skincare routine and getting this weird peely texture. But I learned some patience, and now wait to let everything sink in before doing my make-up and I AM OBSESSED. My skin looks so dewy and natural (but like, perfect) and I swear my skin looks better without make-up on (there's supposed to be things like Vitamin C & Anti-aging ingredients) and this foundation is so light and silky I don't feel it later, even though it lasts really well even without setting spray...

STEP 2: Christian Dior Dior Glow with SPF 10

The perfect balm with just a splash of natural color, it just looks good, easy peasy done.


Flick, flick, roll, roll and suddenly you are just polished. It's done, without being "DONE" and it only takes a second and a little wrist action.

STEP 3: Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara 

I am just obsessed with this mascara, which is thickening without being like, clumpy. It looks effortless but makes lashes really pop, and it lasts all day without smudging.

A rollerball. I rotate through a few but nothing like a scent to make you feel "done"

Current obsession: Tory Burch Rollerball

Here's what it looks like:

After 3 hours of fun in the sun walking around a street festival....

After an hour of walking in a very, very windy beach where it felt like my skin was being blasted off...

After a 4 hours at the doctors (the lip color is gone, so you can see the difference but the skin & lashes held up insanely well)