Diary of a Roadtrip

Road Trip Essentials: 

50s Housewife Sexy Short Bob Thing

I treated my layered confection of a hairdo to a blow out while I was in New Orleans with the instructions "make it big, as much volume as possible, think 50s housewife/pinup" 

This is day 3 of that - with a generous root tease and copious application of dry shampoo (I like the alterna clear one) and some finger tousling (but no curling iron) 

This is one situation where my growing out layers perform exceptionally admirably. Since I refuse to cut anything and will only grudgingly allow a bit of shaping to "blend my layers in" some styles very obviously show the many layers of my hair but this one really shines. Now to figure out how to blow it out like this at home :) 

Camp Shirt

It's here!! The flash sale delivered this prefect-for-memorial-day-trip-to-Yosemite shirt. Yes, that's one word. Get it at shopcamp.com 😘 happy camping! 

Meet the Parents

Not HF's parents (been there, done that) but my friends parents! Nevertheless the idea is the same - LOOK PRESENTABLE...

Top (Thrift Store Zara) | High Waist Jeans, Nastygal | Ladylike Handle Bag, Nastygal 

Best Shirt Ever

Cutoffs, Vintage | Floral Bomber Jacket, Zara | Best Shirt Ever, Bourbon Pride 

Ole it's hot here

World Cup Tank, Forever 21 | Banana Skirt, Nastygal 

Bachelorette Swamp Tour

Tank, Jean Therapy | Cutoffs, Vintage | Leather Airflow Fold Up Hat, Minnetonka 

Floral blouse and cutoffs aka best outfit ever

Photocredit: my college BFF Lauren Bekman Hamilton 

Cancer Can't Touch This

Fridays are not usually the day that I choose to release heavy stuff. Fridays are for cocktail recipes and planning what I am gonna wear this weekend. But, having poured my heart and soul into this video, I can't wait another second to share it will all of you... because it's amazing how quickly your life can change.

The Floral Playsuit aka Onsie

I'm going to New Orleans! Whoo hoo! 

And of course while I was figuring out what to pack, I took a few photos. 

This is by far my favorite thing in my suitcase. It's light, pretty, and acceptable for tea parties with little girls and champagne brunches with big ones. 

Plus you get the comfort of shorts without the dilemmas of creating a whole outfit (#carryon) 

What do you think? Will you be grabbing one of these hot little numbers for Spring/Summer? 


Or belted... 

Floral Playsuit- Urban Outfitters 

Growing Your Hair Out After Chemo 14 Months Post Pixie

I'm pretty sure this picture says everything you need to know but just in case it doesn't:

In March 2013 I had been off the hair destroying kind of chemo for about 3 months. I was on the eyebrow/eyelash fall out kind of chemo, so in that picture those eyebrows are drawn on and those lashes are stuck on

In May of 2014 I have a ridiculous amount of hair (it grew back in SO MUCH THICKER - is this happening to everyone? I feel like it is? Let me know if this happened to you?) My eyebrows are back (although I still fill them in because I heart thick brows) and my lashes are insane (although I am wearing a slice of falsies on the outside corners, I just cut these in quarters ) 

All I have done is take 2,000 mg of Biotin and use Rogaine twice a day (ask your doctor first!) and also hugged a puppy whenever possible (new theory I am testing.)

Some days I miss my pixie and how easy it was just a little but this last year has gone by SO FAST. xoxxoxoxoxoxo and healing vibes to those of you out there who read this blog and are going through this. 

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