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DIY Hand Painted Bunting and Birthday Number Photo Prop

Looking for a chic birthday decor? Try this hand painted flag banner and numbers. It's super easy, only 3 steps, and looks freaking adorable.

Hand Painted Bunting 


White Paper/ Cardstock (I used plain white paper for the lightness and hanging factor)


Paint & a Brush

Fancy Duct Tape (I chose snakeskin)

Clear Tape


1. Slice the paper into small rectangles. Then, slice along the diagonals to form your triangles.

2. FOR ALTERNATING FLAGS: Paint half the triangles. Leave the other half white.
FOR NAME BANNER: Paint the message on the flags, flipping over every other letter so the flat ends of the triangle line up flush.

3. FOR ALTERNATING FLAGS: Arrange the triangles how you want them, attach the pretty duct tape then fold over to make a lining. Don't forget to put some ribbon at the ends for hanging! Just place one edge of the ribbon onto the end of the tape and it will be sealed in tight when you fold it!
FOR NAME BANNER: Line up the triangles face-down and stretch your ribbon across the top. Place clear tape on the back of each triangle to attach the ribbon.

Photo Prop Birthday Numbers


Recycled cardboard (I used an amazon box that our dog food came in)

Matte Spray Paint (I used Krylon 53526 Ballet Slipper 'Satin Touch' Decorator Spray Paint)

A pencil/pen (to make the outline)


1. Draw your number on the cardboard.

2. Cut them out.

3. Spray with 3-4 coats of paint, letting them dry for 15 minutes between coats.  Make sure to do this outdoors!!

Light Cobb Salad

I love Cobb salad but packed with bacon, blue cheese, ranch dressing on a essentially, nutrient-free slice of iceberg lettuce? Well, it might as well be a pizza for all the health benefits, not to mention the calories. It's so yummy! But, woof.., 

So I figured - OK, I can do better. Crispy, vitamin-packed spinach, creamy (but low-cal) blue cheese yogurt dressing, sweet/crunchy red onions and the classic egg. 

And voila! This creamy, dreamy salad has less than 200 calories, 2g of fiber and a million grams of luscious taste. 

2 cups of spinach 
1/4 cup red onions, diced 
1 hard boiled egg 
2 tbsps blue-cheese yogurt dressing 

Mix together ingredients, serve and enjoy! 

Thirty and Flirty in a Pink Dress

I don't know what happened nine-months before this weekend, but we had 3 amazing birthdays this weekend. One very special birthday was thie gorgeous creature in white pictured below. Hard to tell from the pictures (or meeting her in person) but she turned the big 30 this year. 

Obviously, the only appropriate theme for 30th birthday is a hipper, updated version of the pink and white princess parties of our youth. With that in mind, I set out to make DIY Birthday Decorations and the rest just came together - including the fact that the birthday girl wore white and the hostesses (me and another dear friend) both wore bright pink. 

Captured in planning mode, trying to surprise the birthday girl 

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

30 is the new HOT 

The Decor 

Our reserved tier at Reed & Greenough

Cupcakes and Champagne

With our babe Tartan & Sequins blogger Julia

Hot Dawgs

The Shoes are EVERYTHING 

What to Wear to a Creative Interview Part 2

Chanel Quilted Bag, Silk Blouse & A Good Hair Day

The Skin Clear Diet by Perricone MD

This may be the best, easiest, most logical "cleanse" I have ever seen. Packed with nutrients, comes with a shopping list, doesn't require insane cooking skills. I'M IN. Who's with me? Message me on Instagram if you want to try this with me! XO

From: Perricone Md

Gorgeous Pineapple Photograph by my artist obsession Margaux Roy

TGIF Track

Trust me - you want to listen to this on repeat

How to Dress for a Creative Interview

I googled this and followed the advice I read online... 

Not kidding. Dressing for job interviews is the worst! Especially interviews at super cool, cutting edge companies where everyone has impressive resumes and super hip extracurricular interests. 

Here's what I took away: 

Be yourself... but a clean, nicely dressed version of yourself. 

Shoes and accesories are where you can show your creative side. Mine were snakeskin with gold accents and the gorgeous, fashionable receptionist noticed them immediately. 

Match the office- if everyone else is in jeans and you're in a suit that's not good. 

A bright color is acceptable when paired with a classic cut, like this highlighter meets Jackie O combo. You want to look creative, but also professional. 

Dose of Inspiration

I love me a good inspirational quote image - I don't know why they speak to me so strongly but they do! They really do!

I've been looking for strength and perseverance recently. The adrenaline of the crisis is over, and now it's the more mundane struggle to right a life that was toppled over and is being put back together in a completely different, better way.  

I found that sharing these goes wonders when people hit a those potholes and speed bumps that life is just littered with... And I know I love them to! So you know, send me some!

from  @thestylebomb

Instagram @adrianneho

Instagram @thebravecollection

A little bit of Everything I'm Loving Right Now

The devil is in the details- or in this case, the awesomeness is in the accessories. And so, with that in mind a roundup of my favorite little things these last few weeks.

 Nike Studio Wraps put the fun in functional 

The perfect jean jacket, gifted with love from my Sophie (but purchased by her from Jcrew

Swiffer Workouts - if it's not a thing already it should be! #fitness 

Stripes, always, all the time...

SunscreenRose Gold Headphones, Amazing Watermelon Bikini and my armpit workout

Tracking works - see noticeably flattened tummy above #obsessed with my Jawbone Up

My new haircut - yes I cut my hair on purpose!

The Social Media Edition of Elle -it's #everything 

SkinnyTaste's Skinny Potato Gratin

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - when can I go again??? 

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