There are some things that are just iconically summer - pools, brightly colored beach balls, blue water so cool and sparkling you have to put your toes in it, warm sunscreen oiled skin, wet hair, the crisp texture of straw hats, the feeling of sun-warmed leather on the pads of your dirty feet, the slightly crinkled papery translucence of a magazine who's pages were turned by wet fingertips next to a pool... When I think of the pure feel of summer I can't help but feel these. So simple, and so special all at once. 

If I could I would bottle these feelings up and save them for the next time I crave the simple sweet pleasures of summertime. 

Wide Leg Pants and the Death of Skinny Jeans

There has been a lot of talk of this whole "are skinny jeans on the out?" thing recently. While I'm not planning the funeral just yet, I decided to take a pair for a spin for a dinner party. I will say this - it's an adjustment. I felt very unkempt and free, not necessarily in the bad way.

If you are gonna take this for a spin, I strongly recommend starting with a dark wash and a slim fit through the upper thighs. Baby steps here. I found this pair at the used clothing store but I hear from other brave friends that when it comes to wide leg Jbrand is where it's at.  I am, as usual, dying to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Bridal Shower Romper & Flash Tattoos & Serious Baubles

All I can say is that I am so blessed to have such a rad, supportive, fun group of chicks in my life. Thank you for being there for me always, and also for putting up with me and my mom both bursting into tears sporadically throughout the day. Why are you all so chic and stylish? What a gorgeous spread and a gorgeous day. 

Special cheers to my MOH who devised an ingenious game wherein I was asked to asked to guess which of my friends had gotten what spicy little number. I did pretty well, because I know my friends (all the way down to the skivvies apparently.) 

What I wore:

The Bucket Bag

I want to start this post with something poetic and fashiony, like how a dark floral is lush and more professional than your traditional pastel iteration. But the reality is this jacket is quilted and this was the closest I could get to feeling like I was still in bed while being dressed for work. Hashtag red eye.

Anyways, this is not about the outfit, it's about the bag. Which is perfect. It pulls the whole outfit together. It matches the shoes. It could fit a whole bunch of useful things in it although full disclosure, right now it just has a gluten free donut in it.

The bucket bag is here my friends... And it is awesome.

Zara Bucket Bag | Zara Floral Bomber (similar) | Banana Republic Cowl Neck Blouse | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Sam Edelman Trina Sandal 

Here's some more bucket bag for your viewing pleasure:

Leopard Sandals are EVERYTHING

Sometimes, you need a little something to perk up your day. For me, that is these sandals. They just make everything festive. I'm in love.... 

Summer Lunches

There is something about summer that changes the foods I crave. I want the tang of mustard and goat cheese. The bright fresh flavor of herbs. Juicy dripping tomatoes dotted with crunchy glistening grains of sea salt. The sweet crispy bit of red onion.

But I also want to spend as much time outside (not inside cooking) as possible. Here's what I'm eating right now.

Tomato Basil Sandos

- two fresh basil leaves
- about 1 oz of goat cheese
- one roma tomato
- toast (I used gluten free)
- sea salt 

Pop the toast in the toaster. While it's cooking, slice the tomatoes into 4 horizontally (so they lie flat on the sandwich) and then sprinkle liberally to taste with sea salt. When the toast is done, spread with goat cheese and place tomatoes and basil on top. Eat. Love. 

Light Egg Salad 

- 2-3 hardboiled eggs
- 1 tbsp mustard (I like grey poupon) 
- dill
- diced red onion to taste (about 1/4 of a cup)

Peel the eggs and put them in a bowl. Add the mustard, dill and onions. Stir togther until well blended. Eat and enjoy! 

I Love the Stuff That Comes Out of My Skin

WARNING: This post is gonna be gross. If you've never felt the truly sublime release of popping a ripe zit, this post is not for you. If the word pus makes you cringe or you've never felt the urge to show a friend your biore strip, proceed with caution. If you're like me, read on... 

I just got a microdermabrasion facial. It was heaven. There was a blueberry acid peel, then a facial massage, then the microdermabrasion, then extractions, another face and shoulder massage, one of those insanely expensive fabric masks, another face massage, pure oxygen facial and then I was done. I floated out of there never wanting to put a drop of make up on my face again. 

But the best part? The amazing Kate, of Kate SPA, showed me the pad from the microdermabrasion. She was like, look at what I got out of your skin.... OMG. It was amazing. On the tissue was a little fluffy pile of dirt. About the size of a dime, beige in color... It was truly an alarming ton of crap that had previously been in my face. IN. MY. FACE. Seeing it out there in the world was glorious and liberating. 

Now, I wash my face twice a day. I have one of those clarisonic brushes. I am currently on a two mask a week pre-wedding regimen (both interestingly enough, green) both of which detoxify and clean out my pores.*** I know they do. I see the difference after I use them. But I also live in a city filled with cars and people and all their gunk, and I haven't yet started wearing a Hazmat suit when I go out in public to protect my skin (the thought has crossed my mind.) 

However, like a long awaited vindication, on the pad on the tissue was all this stuff that this magic wand had pulled out of my face. It was pure bliss. I'm hooked. 

In the same vein of getting extreme pleasure from seeing pus and other bad stuff pulled out of my skin, I have become obsessed with these Nexcare Acne Absorbing Pads

You put them on before bed, and in the morning is a white bubble of all the nasty toxins and pus that has been absorbed into the little pad. Even better, my most massive, sebum-filled, hormone and pre-wedding stress induced face mountains found themselves noticeably flattened after one night. By the next day they were  totally flat (thereby making concealer banish them.) That's because all that glorious pus was sucked right into that little pad. If you touch the white part you can feel the little bump that definitely wasn't there when you put it on. It's so cool. I would call this a review of the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Pads but it's more like the grossest love letter of all time. 

Yes, I'm talking about those huge cystic ones that linger for weeks, being painful and refusing to be masked by concealer because they just protrude like a little pebble of awful under your skin. All I want to know is, where have these little magic things been my whole life?!? 

One more shout out, because I am super into this whole zit barrier thing (clearly I'm a picker, if you couldn't tell that from the above story you have a problem) so when I read about this little Missha Anti-Trouble Patches that sit on zits and deliver a potent dose of salicylic acid. And they keep your dirty fingers from touching them. They are so thin and clear the HF can't even tell when I wear them. And they are so effective when you have a zit brewing under the surface. You just know it's gonna come up big and vicious and there's nothing you can do... Until now. I put it on the stirrings of a deep, painful cystic face mountain that was clearly erupting under the surface (I could feel that little pellet under the skin) and after thee days.. It didn't. It just never came. I feel like I averted a natural disaster.  The only downside I can see is that I will miss having those juicey white heads to pop. I mean not really, but kinda... 

***I bet you want to know which ones? Currently obsessed with Perricone MS's Chloro Plasmal Mask and the green Glam Glow Powermud which goes from clay mask to oil cleaner. 

A Love Letter to the Everlane Trench

Forgive me, I have been the worst blogger ever. Derelict in my duties, absentee from Pinterest, basically crawled under that rock they call "wedding planning" and "brand new job" and haven't come out again. This post is WAY overdue. Because, dear readers, I am in love. With a jacket. The jacket. A jacket I have searched my whole life for. The one jacket that will render all other jackets obsolete. 

What is so special about this jacket? Well, everything but I think you want a bit more from me. So where to start? The perfect, olive tone, which makes my skin glow and is the perfect combination of my beloved, SF-staple army jacket and my equally beloved khaki trench coat. The perfect little matte buttons. The silky softness of the sleeve linings, which must be real silk, and which feel like heaven. The whimsical "swing" that gives this trench it's name, and makes it flattering to wear with dresses and jeans. It's already sold out once people - what are you waiting for?!

Everlane Swing Trench | Leopard Shift Dress (only $45!) | Seven Jeans (old)