Work Appropriate Low Pumps that are Anything but Boring

Here's a shocker - walking around in heels is HARD. The higher the heels the closer to god, they say. Well maybe if you believe that pain is transcendent? But I digress. At the end of the day I am a grown-up woman and I have to wear "big girl shoes" sometimes. Enter the 2 1/4 inch pointy toe pump. Low enough that your calves don't ache, fierce enough to be worth the time of day when you find lush textures, subtle shaping, gold accents and other next level touches. Here are some I'm lusting after right now. PS, this search is never ending - if you have some great ones shoot me a link in the comments!!

Photo from Lovers of Mint via Pinterest

Amal Amuddin's Post Wedding Dress from her Marrige to Clooney is Everything

Photo from Harper's Bazaar - Click through for more. The bride wore RED to her rehearsal dinner. #sofierce Also check out Emily Blunt's world class collection of bright aqua floor length elaborately embroidered wedding weekend attire. Hey, if it works for you, it works, right? 

Looking for something similar?

Long Sleeve, short & embellished:

White Belled Shift 

White, figure flattering details with a demure neckline...

Leopard & Denim Street Style

Daytime Yacht Club Wedding

Nothing says "Yacht Club" like neoprene. Am I right? NO, you say? Ok, well what if that neoprene is in a crisp, tailored drop waste style with a little flirty ruffle at the bottom and some prep tastic accesories like this quilted rose gold bag, and bangles? Ok, now we're talking. 

Work Outfit or Werk Outfit You Tell Me

Sometimes the Jewish New Year, your companies new office party and the one day you feel like wearing heels all align in perfect harmony. We'll call it the plantar eclipse. Such was this day foretold, and so it happened. It was fun. Also aligning was the appearance of my new camera. (More on that to come!)

And so, this happened.

Big Pink Coat (Similar) |  Leather Mini Skirt F21 (only $20) | Miu Miu SunglassesFranco Sarto Women's L-ilsa Dress Pump

Give your Breasts the TLC They Deserve, Trust Me I HAVE BREAST CANCER

A lot of people think that checking their breasts is scary or intimidating. And it was - back when there was a 14 step handout filled with arrows and all kinds of complicated instructions. Which is why nobody was doing it. Guess what, nothing works if you don't do it. Which is why the smart people at the American Cancer Society and the College of Gynecologists & Obstetrics developed something much more manageable. It's called TLC, and it's just as gentle and easy as it sounds. I decided to create this easy guide to help explain it. If you like it, or you like women, feel free to share it around, repost it, put it on your fashion blog. But most importantly take care of yourself. I love you and I wouldn't wish all of the things I've been through on my worst enemy, so I definitely don't want it for you. 


The Rehearsal Dinner Country Cocktail

The setting, the beautiful Russian River Valley gem Boon Hotel + Spa, just a hop, skip and a country road from the famous Napa Wine Country. The theme - Country Cocktail. A little bit country, a little bit glam. The photos, courtesy of Jolie, Niki's Polaroid, Steve's Dad's brilliant idea and my iphone (thank's you guys!!) The food (also from Boon) was gone too fast to photograph - "fancy BBQ" with luscious creamy baked beans, Mom's potato salad, cheesy biscuits with honey butter, grilled meats and flowing champagne. 

I think the photos don't need much explanation. Photo Credit: Jolie O'Dell 

The Everlane Trench, The Beyonce Bob and a Big Heap of Gratitude

As you know, I am OBSESSED with the Everlane trench (read more in my Love Letter to the Everlane Trench) and also my super chic new haircut. Yup, I finally did it. I chopped off that raggedy mullet I've been clinging to for fear of losing even the tiniest millimeter of length. I let my hairdresser/mother just snip snip away as if I was any other girl and not some traumatized survivor of a hair armageddon. 

I'm not sure I have loved a haircut this much since before I lost my hair. Not because of any chapter closing, symbolic, "now I'm normal" hippy dippy release. It looks good. It looks as close to Beyonce as I am ever gonna get. It's a haircut I would choose to get just because I like it. 

Boy did I take my old hair for granted.  I wanted it to be thicker, blonder, straighter. You name it, I wanted it. Looking back I feel like a fool.

It is amazing how you can be so blessed, and not even realize it. Sometimes, things come along and they just rip all of that away and then yes, then, you wish you had it. And you swear up and down that you will be grateful if only you can get back to that.

Well I'm back to that. I still struggle with some things (and don't we all?) but I have all the things I dreamed about two very long years ago. Great haircut, check. Fashion blog, check. Wedding ring and amazing loving husband, check and check.  But every day that things come so easy, I feel my gratitude waver. Not a lot. But it isn't coming on as fast and hard as it used to when I was humbled. 

I want it back. So,  I'm asking you for a favor. What are you grateful for, right this second? I am grateful for my good, good friends. They  came over and kept me company while I was down and out from my last treatment AND helped me clean out my closet AND brought over awesome clothes to swap. This dress? Yup, it's a loving second hand present. Made double awesome by the memory of a really fun afternoon with my girl gang. Z & S & S I am grateful for you. What, or who are you grateful for? Share a little with me in the comments below! 


Pretty Little Things I Love

Now, this may be the newlywed glow but I find everywhere I looks are these gorgeous, sparkling things. There's so many beautiful things, precious colors, SPARKLES everywhere you look. So I figured why not share some of the things that brought my eyeballs a little delight the last few weeks. I hope you like them as much as I do! #vignettes 

BaubleBar X
 Rings in Gold & Pewter, Pearl Bangle  | NastyGal Tawnie & Brine Suckit Ring & Ettika Sorry Not Sorry Bangle | Joie Serpent Ring | Verameat Teeth Ring | Kate Spade NY Sailors Knot Hinge Bangle | Etsy Monogram Signet | Vintage Mouth Ring, Pave Eye, Serpent Cuff, Single Bar Midi Ring | Kate Spade Ny Mr and Mrs Iphone Case


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