Black Tie Wedding in the Woods Part Four: The Groom

I had to save the best for last... The Groom and his handsome Groomsmen. Black Tie looks good on everyone. Amen.

Black Tie Wedding in the Woods Part Three: The Theme

James Bond in the Woods, The Wedding Theme

Huge, ridiculous thank you to my stunning Bridesmaids and Jackie Kenley, who helped me DIY the flowers for this event. Joyce, the sign was everything. 

Location: Boon Hotel + Spa
Bridesmaids Holding: Paper Parasols
Bouquet: Bloom That
DIY Flowers Ordered From: Flower Muse

First Couple Selfie

Black Tie Wedding in the Woods Part Two: The Stunning Bridesmaids

I have tried to think about what to write here, but it's too hard. I just start to tear up. I know, I know, I'm just the cheesiest of the cheeseballs - but I feel so blessed to have such loving, supportive, smart, fun, gorgeous friends who went so far out of their way to make my day perfect. Love you guys...

Now about my mismatched dresses. I know people thought I was crazy - with the ombre by height constantly changing color scheme. But the number one thing I hear over and over again about the wedding was how incredibly stunning and elegant my bridesmaids looked when they walked down the aisle. They set the tone for the whole wedding. Each one of them looked gorgeous, but also, like themselves. Seeing them, being with them, it was everything.

Black Tie Wedding in The Woods Part One: The Big White Dress

Getting your wedding photos can be overwhelming. You want the pictures right away, but that's just not how it works. But then they come... And they are even better, more perfect, more magical than you thought possible. Or at least that was the case for me.  Because my photographer, Jennifer Lamba is FREAKING AMAZING. 
And so, may I present part 1 of my wedding pictures... and because this is a fashion blog, I had to do this part first.

Location: Boon Hotel + Spa

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