The San Francisco Uniform

San Francisco has a uniform. If you want to be twins with all of your friends, this look can't be beat. In fact, it's so perfect for the weather and activities in San Francisco that you have to text-check if there's any hope of avoiding total twindom. I personally don't mind it. If you're wearing the exact same thing as someone else, that basically means you got it right, right?

But I digress. Here's why this outfit is perfect. The open toe booties are basically perfect for the weather, whether it's 65 and feels like 55 or 65 and feels like 75. In the course of a single Saturday it will probably be both within the hour. A low heel is better for walking up those hills, and totally acceptable for evening wear in this hoodie-famous town. If you want to really stand out from the crowd a heel will do it (pun intended.) Black skinny jeans are black skinny jeans. They look good on every body type, they are somehow "fancier" than plain old jeans while still being casual enough if your husband is wearing his cargo shorts. The black silk cami is also very day to night, something that seems to be essential in a city that loves daytime events, brunch and other activities that can involve leaving your home at noon and not returning into the wee hours of the morning. The green army jacket has somehow become a staple in this town. As a layer it does work well in our constantly changing whether but really I can't explain why it's such an SF thing. It just is. Trust me, once you start noticing it around, it's just everywhere. And lastly, a great bag. Women in this city have great bags.  I think there's something about the intersection of technology jobs (and salaries) and the casualness of everything else that makes bags such an investment around here. Bonus points for pops of color, but awesome bags come in a rainbow of colors, what's awesome is that all of them are accepted in the city by the bay...


Photos by the Insanely Talented Lydia Hudgens