Deluxe DIY Camera Strap

I like to bring my various cameras around with me. They are so fun. I've been thinking about getting a strap for a long time, but they were either horribly ugly (never gonna wear it) or sooo expensive (but why?!?) and so I've been banging up my beloved clickers by throwing them into bags. No more! This DIY camera strap is SO easy, and SO much cuter than anything I've ever seen before...


I used the strap from a Rebecca Minkoff bag (seen here) that has beautiful, easy to detach clips and a fun studded snakeskin top. The only real limit here is your imagination!  Simply detach the strap from the purse. Slide the key ring into the slots on your camera. Clip on the purse strap... and voila! How easy is that?

Also easy? This amazingly soft and gorgeous silk shirt from Everlane... Get used to seeing a lot of it.

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