Feel Yourself Up & Win a Prize

No, the prize is not touching boobs (although in hindsight, maybe it should be?) Really, I just love two things very much - presents, and badass chicks who are proactive about taking their breast health into their own hands. PUN INTENDED.

So here's what happened. I'm lying in bed late one night, just being obsessive about breast cancer and skincare. Two things I spend a lot of time thinking about, if we are being completely honest. It's basically my life's passion. 

There is nothing so potent as the powerlessness of being confined to bed during recovery. All the things adults typically do for themselves are things I am not so great at right now. I probably delayed my healing by trying to do too much too soon, because helpless is not a good look on me. 

So that is when I decided to start emailing some of the favorite brands I like. I took the credit card out of the freezer to make some special purchases. Through the power of the internet, I was able to assemble a gift bag, the likes of which someone other than me has to appreciate it. These are my favorite things right now. Things are not supposed to bring you joy, but these ones do. Whether it's a mastectomy (Killing it shirt, so witty!) or a hot flash (that mist, ooooo, that mist) these are the objet's de my heart. 

But how to decide who get's this stack of treats? Easy. Who amongst you is brave enough to touch yourself? Who will not only do so, but then fearlessly post and encourage others to do the same? Who does not tremble in fear at the word "boobs" or the touching of them? 

Let those brave and fearless souls amongst you come forward and participate in this challenge.

Here's how:

1. Give yourself a little feel. If you need some help read my super easy to follow list "HOW TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS FOR CANCER" and it's buddy, "IS THIS LUMP IN MY BREAST SOMETHING I SHOULD WORRY ABOUT?"

2. Post this image to your instagram and tag me in it. It's like an "I voted" sticker but for breast cancer badassery. *

3. Don't forget to tag me in it @leowithcancer. Bonus points for #BCA #killingit

4. Check your DMs to see if you are the lucky chick who wins a goodie bag including fabulous prizes like my beloved Luciana Killing It Tank, Glossier Balm.Com & Soothing Face Mist, Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub and whatever other treats I can scam or scavenge in the next month (I'll update here!) 

Please feel free to listen to this song while you participate.