Yes, I am born and raised in California. No, I have never gotten to take a trip like this before... but I will again!! Everything you want from a cool funky beach town, with one of the cheapest airports in the world to fly into? Count me in. Some of my favorite things to do.... 

Exploring the beach! Even though it wasn't bikini weather, it was so fun just walking up and down the strand, playing on muscle beach! 

The Pier has fun for kids of all sizes, so retro cool.

The food and restaurants were amazing and ranged from Casual to super chic. 

Obsessed with these candy colored buildings...

Tropical Paradise

The Famous Shutters Hotel

Breaking and entering

Cool Art Store outside Brick + Mortar 

Some of you who follow me may have noticed that I became obsessed with a denim cutoff skirt worn by one of my all time favorite bloggers Sincerely Jules, as seen here, here and here. I subsequently became obsessed with creating my own little torn up slice of perfection. I bought GIGANTIC men's Levi's from Etsy (this is important because you need them to be big enough that when you slice them off right below the zipper everything important is still covered in fabric. Then I set to work researching the heck out of how to DIY distress your own cutoffs. I waded through about 15 different tutorials of various levels of usefulness, falling hard down the Pinterest DIY rabbit hole, but found these three to be head and shoulders above the rest! Now, when you make your own, you don't have to do the research.

Here's my favorite tutorials:

I paired this look with my beloved espadrilles, and this fun vest I got for $12 at a little shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Totes LA. 

 Purse, Deadly Ponies borrowed 

If I had to make a pronouncement on what the shoe of the season was going to be, I would probably pick the espadrille. It's back people. Amazing styles have been popping up everywhere from these candy colored confections to more austere fair, to these mesh cuties and I knew with my upcoming honeymoon that they would be my go to pair.

I've basically worn them everyday since I got them. So comfy! So chic! So easy to take off when you are playing in the sand! I finally decided on this pair, because the adorable cap toe and color combination spoke to me... and also because they are on sale for $27!

Photos by Zoe 

If the weather is going to continue to think it's spring, then so will I. There is something about a jumpsuit that looks so done when in reality it is actually easier to wear then like, picking a top AND pants. Because it's not quite backless weather, nor do I think it will ever be in San Francisco, I decided to try this cool girl layering a blouse under a jumpsuit thing. And voila! DRESSED. 

CAMP Chambray Jumpsuit (ON SALE right now! or try this similar
 Rayban Aviators (ON SALE only $74!) | Blaque Label White Blouse, Similar | Birkenstocks Everlane Tote | Colorful Bracelet Stack (similar)

Sometimes you stumble onto things born from urgency or necessity. Sometimes good advice. Sometimes a lightbulb just goes off and you think "hmm, why not?" As a big fan of the human guinea pig approach to beauty I've compiled a secret collection of things that I use in ways other than you are "supposed" to use them. Whatever that means.  Call me a beauty rebel, call me a genius - either way these cheap tricks work better than other options out there. Usually for a fraction of the price. Go on, you know you want to break the rules...

The Product: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


Seriously, the other night somebody asked me if I was wearing tights. The skin on my legs looks good. It all happened one day when I was in the shower. I was out of shaving cream and body wash. Since my shampoo and conditioner was way too expensive to be using on my legs I looked around me and spotted the humble cream and blue bottle. I thought, well I love how it leaves behind that moisture, and it feels like it would make for a nice glide... why not. OH BOY, I was blown away. My razor didn't tug, no nicks and cuts AND afterwards my legs felt soft and moisturized. Since then I've noticed that the complexion of my legs has improved. No joke. Plus a bottle will run you about $9 each (two for $18) and lasts about 4 months if you use it luxuriously on your entire body.

The Product: Baby Toothbrush

The Hack: Jewelry Cleaner (especially that special ring)

I can't take credit for this one, as it comes straight from the pros (my incredibly talented jeweler Mark Watson, of Watson and Sons) but I will say without a doubt that this is so much better than wipes, chemically dips or other options out there. I try to do it at least once a week and it really does make that sparkle sparkly. Try it on a piece of jewelry you wear a lot and watch the magic happen.

The Product: Perricone MD No Blush Blush

The Hack: The Perfect Lip Stain

This color is so pink and fresh and just a little matte. It lasts forever, and my husband will still kiss me when I wear it, which means it looks like I have nothing on. There is something about this shade that just makes my skin glow, like I drank my eight ounces of water, did a spin class and got 9 hours of sleep glow. It looks healthy which is all I really want from a lip color. 

The Product: Contact Lens Cases

The Hack: Pack Your Products 

I love me a good pouch, but nothing ruins the look like cramming it full of too much stuff. Plus, sometimes I like to bring some foundation (those bottles are HUGE) because it doubles as my sunscreen, and whatever other sundry beauty thing I need. Contact lens cases are the perfect reusable size to pack whatever you want for on the go. And since they are designed to carry contact solution, they tend to be airtight. 

The Product: Aspirin

The Hack: Acne Killer

I love a good DIY Acne Mask and I've grown fond of aspirin in part because of it's portability.  Honey (which I still love) is sticky, not airplane friendly and expensive. Aspirin is cheap and portable. In a pinch you can crush up these bad boys, make a paste and place it on the blemish. It will provide some relief, especially for deep cystic acne... which is the worst. 

Man oh man, do I love this dress. I think I mentioned before (in this love letter) just how comfortable and flattering it is. I have worn it about 4 times since I got in, it's perfect for San Francisco's fickle temperature sweeps and often rambling day to night adventures...

I love it when my husbands shirts shrink in the wash. I don't mean every shirt, but like, once in awhile it's like getting this soft, comfy, annie-hall kind of chic present from the evil laundry fairy who usually just steals my socks. With this crazy unseasonable weather, it seemed the perfect time to put on something breezy and wonderful.

Hat (CUYANA, seen here) | Men's Chambray Shirt, stolen, Similar | BDG CutoffsConverse Chuck Taylor All Stars in Optic White

What's cool about a floral bomber is that it can basically make anything feel like spring - even your most glittery, christmas time mini. Even paired with blinged out shoes. Who says sparkle is just for the holiday season? Not me! 


I love patterned dresses. The right one can enhance your curves, smooth out everything and look super wild and fun. Paired with distressed denim jacket, it's boho - all dressed up. 

I think the print on this dress speaks for itself... #curvesrule #boysdrool