Street Style + Ringly

In San Francisco you never know what the weather will hold. That means the sun can be shining but the temps are still bitingly crisp. (I know east coasters I know, that's why I didn't say cold.) So we SFers have become experts in the fine art of seasonal layering. Layering for spring and summer can be tricky - you obviously want to evoke the season (goodbye beloved puffer) but still be amply prepared for the realities of low-60s weather.

Voila, the white leather jacket. A perennial favorite of mine (seen here, here, and here with CUTOFFS) it's the ultimate solution to the "I want to look springy/summery but it's cold outside" challenge. It's also a key building block in the #wwyo challenge since it's so amazingly timeless and versatile.

This Lucky Brand leather jacket is so buttery soft and warm. And at 50% off it's a serious deal. I paired it with my vintage cowboy booties, my J Brand destroyed jeans, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo (both of which I got used!) and then I went on my merry way.

P.S. Obsessed with my Ringly, the most adorable of all wearable technology ever. It's something I would actually wear but it also keeps me discreetly updated when people are trying to reach me!

Lucky Brand Leather Jacket | J Brand Destroyed Jeans | Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo | Ringly

The Wear What You Own Project

Ask me why I blog (about fashion, no less) and it's impossible for me to explain why. Trust me, I've tried to stop. I  just can't. I'm addicted to sharing clothes that I like. When people buy things I have I take it as the BEST compliment ever, because I love playing a small part in making the people around me feel beautiful. I track my links obsessively - not because I care about the 30 cents I get, but because I like putting things out into the world that other people find cool, interesting, compelling, desirable. The problem is, there's this idea of new, better, this season which is so hard for me sometimes. I want to be the person with the curated closet of treasured essentials but then I get sucked into this whole world of new, better, shinier and I feel terrible for letting my old favorites go forgotten. That's why I do clothing swaps, and trade in my clothes. But, as an experiment, what if I already have everything I need? What if I only shopped my own closet? Could I just wear clothing I already have? Even for special occasions? Would a few stitches, some scissors, the right accessories (again, most of which I already have?) be enough to keep this blog alive.

Welcome to my experiment, the "wear what you own project". From today until this time next month I will not be buying any clothes. I will only be featuring outfits assembled from things I already have. I'm going to be doing an aggressive closet spring cleaning, purging, organizing, tailoring, and hopefully getting creative.

Behold, my first outfit. I'll do my best to find similar pieces for you guys (if you're still in that closet building phase, which I respect because I didn't start from nothing here) and you can help me by reminding me that I already have everything I need, I concept I try to meditate on when I'm feeling anxious (and not just about what to wear.)

REBECCA MINKOFF BOWERY SATCHEL (my everyday purse and a solid CPW buy)
KAREN WALKER NUMBER ONE SUNGLASSES (again, total investment but wear them so much!)

Kentucky Derby Toppers: The Fascinator

Want to stand out in a see of big hats? Want to look like you came from the other side of the pond, where ladies know a thing or two about how to rock out a big "hat"... Well then, let's talk fascinators.
These mesh/feather/sequin/flower contraptions are like tiny sculptural wonders that you wear on your head. The effect can be absolutely stunning - check out these beauties I found on Pinterest and what I learned from my extensive research:


A feather and bow topper, paired with sleek color-coordinated ensemble is a chic way to do derby. This outfit is so on point it kills me. 



I know I probably beat this one to death already, but how chic is it to match your hat, dress, bag and jewels? Answer: The chicest.  



Just glue or stitch together faux flowers in complementary colors to turn a simple white dress into something out of control stunning. 



Seriously why pick just one? And isn't this lemon yellow color incredible???

Off The Shoulder is Everything for Spring

Every season there is one trend that seems to emerge from the ether. Either because of it's universalyl flattering shape (everyone has beautiful collarbones!) Or the way it just seems to effortlessly evoke the season by simply adding it into your existing staples (jeans & espadrilles anyone?) but somehow seems so fresh. My pick for this item, this one piece, is the off shoulder top. Worn in crisp white (to emphasize your flawless faux tan)  and tucked into all-american denim -  this outfit is going to be in heavy rotation for me. For this look, I decided to go a little boho, with sky high wedges, an arm party to make 2010 jealous and my favorite floral clutch which has been in winter hibernation. Plus that iphone case and bam, you are good to go! 

Warm Weather Essentials: Crochet Bikini & Escape Pants

I will let you in on a secret - everything I packed in my suitcase was color coordinated. There was lots and lots of black and white, but everything else had to match this neon pink. This made it possible to go carry-on only for two and a half weeks of travel because everything could be mixed and matched with everything else. These escape pants were perfect for the long flight, but also perfect to throw on before sunset, when the evening started to cool and we made our way from lounging by the pool to drinking wine while watching the sunset. My life is soooo hard.

CROCHET BIKINI TOP & CROCHET BIKINI BOTTOM (similar) | Amuse Society Escape Pant

Spring Essentials: Floral & Trenches & Strappy Sandals

Forever 21 Trench Coat (or if you're ready to step it up, try my favorite Everlane Trench) | Schutz Wrap Sandals (Snakeskin out of stock | Oyster pre-order) | Skinny Jeggings (similar) | Floral Spaghetti Tank  (similar) | Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses | Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick in Red Square | Jcrew Cuff Bracelet | MOSCHINO READY TO BEAR CAPSULE COLLECTION IPHONE 6 CASE

Spring Cutoffs + Vintage Tee + Floral Bomber

Originally Published April 2015 - this look is the new classic... 

The wear what you own (#wwyo) challenge continues with this cozy, hipster-sexy outfit assembled from some old favorites. A pair of Levi's cutoffs that I altered (more on that to come) and a butter-soft Brandy Melville t-shirt get a pop of spring from this old zara blazer. Want to create your own look like this?

Vintage Rocker Shirts: Sol Luna | Joy DivisionNeil Young | Eye of Fortune 
Floral Bombers: Ikat Floral | Sanctuary Light Floral | NBD
Cut Off Shorts: Urban Renewal Recycled Light Denim |  Dark Denim
Slides: Vince Orson Sandal | Stuart Weitzman | Loeffler Randall | Adidas by Stella McCartney
Ray Ban Aviator