Things I recommended in my requested list about undereye circles

If you want the full dish you can read the list, but here's the product highlights...

Allergy Medicine
Glossier Priming Moisturizer
BareMinerals Complete Coverage Serum Concealer
Verso Skincare Super Eye Serum

Feel Yourself Up & Win a Prize

No, the prize is not touching boobs (although in hindsight, maybe it should be?) Really, I just love two things very much - presents, and badass chicks who are proactive about taking their breast health into their own hands. PUN INTENDED.

So here's what happened. I'm lying in bed late one night, just being obsessive about breast cancer and skincare. Two things I spend a lot of time thinking about, if we are being completely honest. It's basically my life's passion. 

There is nothing so potent as the powerlessness of being confined to bed during recovery. All the things adults typically do for themselves are things I am not so great at right now. I probably delayed my healing by trying to do too much too soon, because helpless is not a good look on me. 

So that is when I decided to start emailing some of the favorite brands I like. I took the credit card out of the freezer to make some special purchases. Through the power of the internet, I was able to assemble a gift bag, the likes of which someone other than me has to appreciate it. These are my favorite things right now. Things are not supposed to bring you joy, but these ones do. Whether it's a mastectomy (Killing it shirt, so witty!) or a hot flash (that mist, ooooo, that mist) these are the objet's de my heart. 

But how to decide who get's this stack of treats? Easy. Who amongst you is brave enough to touch yourself? Who will not only do so, but then fearlessly post and encourage others to do the same? Who does not tremble in fear at the word "boobs" or the touching of them? 

Let those brave and fearless souls amongst you come forward and participate in this challenge.

Here's how:

1. Give yourself a little feel. If you need some help read my super easy to follow list "HOW TO CHECK YOUR BREASTS FOR CANCER" and it's buddy, "IS THIS LUMP IN MY BREAST SOMETHING I SHOULD WORRY ABOUT?"

2. Post this image to your instagram and tag me in it. It's like an "I voted" sticker but for breast cancer badassery. *

3. Don't forget to tag me in it @leowithcancer. Bonus points for #BCA #killingit

4. Check your DMs to see if you are the lucky chick who wins a goodie bag including fabulous prizes like my beloved Luciana Killing It Tank, Glossier Balm.Com & Soothing Face Mist, Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub and whatever other treats I can scam or scavenge in the next month (I'll update here!) 

Please feel free to listen to this song while you participate.

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek of my Shoot with Nume & Lulus

More pictures coming soon, but I thought a little teaser of the Breast Cancer Awareness shoot I did with them was in order!

Essential Ingredients:

Nume Magic Wand (perfect lob essential)
Lovers & Friends LA Lace Dress from Lulu's
Oversized Burgundy Suede Clutch
C/MEO Camel Coat
Lace Up Heels 



Dena is having some ups and downs. Dena really likes lists, so instead of blogging she's been using  The List App like a thirsty man in the desert who found a reservoir, except in this case it's a way to fill up my thirsty, attention-starved, physically-bruised soul. So, if you want to know what's going on with me, and this blog is just not doing it for you, follow these three (easy!) steps...

1) Follow me on instagram: @leowithcancer

this is where you will find pictures like this adorable couture bandage look...

2) Follow me on The ListApp.

Or just read the following lists....



(THIS IS A LIST YOU CAN ADD TO!!! FUTURE) you just need to download the app


and so many more!

3) Check back here, because I will probably start blogging again soon. I am starting to feel so much better! 

xoxo Dena 

Personal Styling

Guys, I just love shopping. OK?

Did you guys know I shop for my friends all the time? They tell me things they want, and I spend hours pouring over different websites looking for it for them. I will do it for specific items, or by occasion (I need a first date outfit/wedding outfit) etc. I'll do it for you also!

 Send me a pic of any outfit you like and I will help you recreate it - on a budget, and for good quality. Here's today's outfit for Steph.

Black Midi Dress (cap sleeved | short sleeve) by Enza Costa - they make the BEST slinky, soft flattering knits... 
25% Off on Shopbop Today with Code: INTHEFAM25 on 10/15/15
Vegan Black Moto: Blank Denim (also eligible for Shopbop sale)

B.J. Novak Launches The List App... And I got to be a Beta Tester

Keeping this secret has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I have a sharing problem (follow me on insta and you know that already.) But photos are one thing, at the end of the day I'm a writer. Here's my profile page. In 3 months on the app I wrote upwards of 50 lists.  Last night before the launch, lists were deleted. Inside jokes were solidified to be outside jokes. We prepared for the whole world to rumble in (and you should! Download the app here) and ruin what some described as summer camp, but which will feel to me like "the secret, awesome way my friend Gabi helped me find a new outlet for all my joys and fears while recovering from my mastectomy."

My love of the list app was so deep it started to surpass my blog writing. When I came up with a new idea... it was often in list form.  There is something about this format that just sparked my creativity when I was feeling especially down - hurting, tired, disconnected, hollowed out (mentally and literally physically.) Blogging is hard work, but writing a list felt easier. Not limiting but more like an organizational ladder for my chaotic, narcotic and pain laced brain. It was training wheels on the bicycle I was using to teach myself to walk again. Also, it was funny as hell.

Because The List App was created by B.J. Novak. Yes, that B.J. Novak. From the office. It's early days were populated with basically the funniest humans on the planet. Minday Kaling, Lena Dunham, Gabi Moskowitz, even Rowan Blanchard and John Mayer. Everyone was being funny, but also authentic and honest. It was an internet free of trolls but filled with some of the brightest minds.

There were times when all I wanted was a to write a list for the app, but mostly I needed my mom to be able to see it. She has an android, so inviting her to the beta was a nightmare I could not contemplate. Instead had to settle for sharing on a less appropriate format, like Instagram. I'm still obsessed with instagram but I am not a photographer, much as I wish I were. I was never going to be a shining star in this format. Like, I just want to post all the pictures from a night out with my girls where they look particularly hot and I'm having a good hair/face/outfit day. That is not my calling.

Maybe, writing lists is. 

I am just so proud of everything I have created on this app so far. There are useful lists, like:

But there are also lists that are more like stories, painful-hard-to-tell-stories that get all twisted up by the deep emotions that they hold. Something about writing a list untangles them - which may be why HOW I FOUND OUT I HAD CANCER is the most popular list I have published so far. Stories need a little structure, and I found my voice in a new way when I stopped staring a big, white, empty blog box.

So, when I started there were about 2,000 people on the App, and it was an amazing open community. People were being funny, smart, real, useful. They were sharing recipes, stories about their lives, inside jokes and books to read. I would raise my hand and ask a question, and a writer from Hello Giggles would answer. I was getting a lot of 100 emojis and likes, which made me feel like getting 100% on a test, only the person grading it was @john (aka John Mayer.) or @bjnovak or some other person who's song/book/tv show writing had made me feel a powerful emotion.

So while everyone else in the beta felt like they were at camp, I felt like I was in some kind of digital writers paradise. Like being at an amazing development conference and being picked to read your piece out loud to the group. Taught by the funniest and coolest people in the world, and then handed the mic.

That time Lena Dunham called me a babe 

Tonight at Midnight the list app launched to the public. I imagine soon it will be like the undulating fields of twitter and instagram. So much stuff! So many things! But  I don't hate this - I can't wait to learn from everyone and I think there's something about this format that could inspire people to do amazing, creative things. I plan to devour all the lists I can.

I won't be at a private party with luminaries and celebrities anymore. The author of a book I'm reading might not favorite my list. I know that opening up the List App might mean that my list crushes like @lenadunham and @LennonParham might not be giving me advice on where to get lunch anymore or calling me a babe.

But.... it does mean that I can share my lists with everybody.

While it was cool to be a part of such an exclusive, talented, funny cohort of writers, journalists, fashion bloggers, celebs,  doctors, people with other amazing jobs and the various and sorted glitterati -  the best part of being a beta in the list app was getting to write lists that I hope will someday reach and help a lot of people. I got to create the kind of content I love to create - random, inspired, researched, but also short and easy to digest and nothing like this rambling blog post.

I hope that you will follow me, @dena on The List App. I hope you will add to my + lists (that means they are open to public contributions! such a cool feature!)  and maybe even send me lots of requests for lists. I'm sorry in advance for the three days of your life you will probably lose when you fall down this rabbit hole.

 I have also saved some of my favorite lists, which you can find by clicking on the floppy disk icon on my profile. Here you'll find the list where I discovered Rosehound Apparel Pins (from @lenadunham), my favorite @JeremyPivot lists (he's hilarious), and a whole bunch of other amazing lists including recipes, places to eat, books to read and so much more.

Some other people to definitely follow:
@gabimoskowitz for amazing, easy, inexpensive dinners
@evan for funny smart fashion advice for men (dorks or otherwise)
@steve my husband, who is hilarious in list form
@listsbyzoe who is just basically a rockstar in all the things
 @sophiec who helped me write the funniest thing I have ever written...

Can't wait to connect with you on the Listapp.

Decor Wishlist Under $50

Some of my favorite Etsy finds for what I like to call my distinct "Bohemian Summer Camp" decor style.  It's all about color, curated excess and not taking anything too seriously (except maybe your budget.)

Framed Vintage Records - make for cheap, fun, meaningful art displays.... 
Hint: Group records with similar colors to fill a large space! 

(for stacking, this old copy of Huckleberry Finn is $19)

(frames are so easy to paint!)

Copy and paste this code into your pages.