VIDEO: The Best Easiest Brow Trick Ever from The Beauty Department

"Brow game on fleek." Those are the words that define eyebrows in the twenty tens. But how do you get Cara-like brows if you weren't genetically blessed with lush eye framing fringe? I've tried everything to plump up my post-chemo sparseness (with and without natural brows to work with) and I tell you this right now - nothing, NOTHING, has changed my game as hard as this simple, easy trick I just found on The Beauty Department. Using only my crappiest, cheapest eye pencil (I wont even link to it here because it is a waxy, thick unnatural nightmare which is why I have it - I never use/lose it)

and of course my beloved Glossier Boy Brow  -

I got serious, and most importantly natural looking, beefed-up brow game.

Check out the results below and then watch me work brow magic. On Fleek! On Fleek!

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