This is What 33 Looks Like

I confess to always being bad at gauging adult ages. Give me a person under the age of 5 and I can hit their age with an alarming sense of accuracy - regardless of their size and based more on their fine motor function, language skills and ability to interact with the world around them. Clearly it's not something to do with height or physical appearance, thereby rendering it a useless task in a world where 14 is the new 23 and 40 is the new 25.

People have jokingly asked me what 33 feels like - as those of us with cheeky senses of humor tend to do on birthdays. I've been know to do it also. It's a hilarious question because a) you've basically only been that age for a handful of hours, how would you know? and b) what does age really feel like? I'm passed the major milestones - driving, voting, drinking, renting a car - that illicit any kind of behavioral change or ease that might evoke an instant feeling. 33 feels like 32 did two days ago. It feels like a strange combination of every other year I've lived and also all the years hopefully stretching out before me. Age is a concept we tightly regulate with dates on a calendar because if it was something we picked for ourselves it would be completely without meaning, a forced concept.

Physically we are supposed to be able to judge age, but it too comes with challenges. For example, the husband is horrible at it because height plays into it so often with young people and it's impossible with his eyesight and great height to differentiate anybody that close to the ground in a meaningful way. Alternately we are supposed to be able to tell because of the aging process - the softening of flesh and limbs - but that's something that most people work aggressively to combat, myself included, thereby negating it as an effective tool for rendering age.

The day before my birthday I sent my husband to the bar next door while I got a manicure. I did not have my wallet (he treated me for my birthday) and when I went to look for him the doorman barred me at the door.  He wouldn't let me in without ID. I said to him "Look sir, I am flattered beyond words that you think I look young but look at me - there is no way I am under 21." And he said, "You look about 18." To which I pulled up my Facebook and showed him my birthday (no I do not have the year hidden) to which he then replied "Well, you can write anything you want there." Geez, this guy should've been a lawyer. "But why would I say I was 32?" I asked him, "Wouldn't I pick, I don't know, a number in my 20s instead?" At which point this deep philosophical conversation was ended by the emergence of the wayward husband who finally noticed my texts.

Age is an ephemeral concept in this day and age. Aging is hotly contested - something I think we might be on the verge of slowing dramatically, if not halting entirely. I strongly feel like I am a member of one of the last generations who will actually have no choice but to age. This is some serious sci-fi is real stuff happening. It's basically the movie Timer (which I thought was hugely underrated.) Nevertheless, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are a few of them, and here is me, being 33.

The Tiger Anti-Wrinkle Mask

This Anti-wrinkle sheet mask keeps me feeling young. I can't decide if it's because of the ingredients or because of the novelty of what is essentially easy on and off face paint. I tend to prowl around the house growling when I wear it. Beauty should be, above all else, fun. A treat!

At $16 for 10 it also makes a great party favor/party activity.  I definitely did one with my best friend while playing video games and also being ridiculously fun and silly when she came to visit me. I could see this being awesome for a bachelorette sleepover, or even a wine/spa night. I bet even men could be talked into being tigers.

How to Do the One Shoulder Tied Shirt Cool Girl Thing with How to Video

If you're like me and you spend all your time on the internet, then you may have noticed this thing that started happening recently. It began with the Manrepeller - as these kind of cool girl avante garde normcore things tend to do, but has since trickled into more mainstream media ala Refinery29. By the end of this global climate change enduced heat wave riddled summer I predict you will be seeing more and more of this. You can even buy this look, but like, pre-made and sewn up and tailored and on purpose - like this $965 blouse from Johanna Ortiz currently for sale on Net-A-Porter.

It combines a lot of elements that have been getting heavy play by the fashion-ey types - normcore (from the use of something mundane like a collared, button down shirt)  + IDGAF (I'm gonna tie it all weird judge me if you want)  + Oversized bell sleeves + shoulder baring + let's be honest it's kind of flattering in a weird way. It's something Carrie Bradshaw would do with Big's shirt, which is basically where fashion is headed as we swing dramatically towards the millenium from the current 90s fever.

So, I read this Man Repeller article and she was like "You just put this here and then do this and voila!" and I tried it. I failed. I tried it a bunch. I did not get it. Then finally I tried it again and I got it but my shirt was too small (let's be honest - Leandra is teeny tiny) and so I took one of Steve's shirts... And I did it! And then I did it a few more times and decided to make a video so you can do it, too.  Not everyone has a few hours to comb the internet to learn how to insouciantly tie an oversized shirt. And that is the key here, the shirt must be oversized. If it fits your arm, it's probably not going to fit around your waist, with a few exceptions.

What's awesome about this look is that it is kind of versatile. Walk of shame? No problem, steal his shirt and you are brunch ready. Beach to bar? Same. Plus I love a good oversized shirt as a bathing suit cover up so you're just saving space in that bag for more sunscreen.

How to Shave Your Legs

Now granted, I have always been blessed with good legs. Long and shapely, but also skin wise. Growing as tall as fast as I did could've done terrible things to my skin but it didn't. For the most part**, I don't get stretch marks or cellulite, thank you genetics. I have a varicose vein or 4 but whatever - that's why someone invented lasers. TBH they are on the back of my legs where I can't see them and for the most part they don't bother me that much. Nobody has screamed on the street in horror when I walk by in shorts, so I think I'm good.

What it has taken me years, nay decades to master is the art of shaving my legs. I got the coarse body hair from my Dad's side of the family, and since he wasn't a big leg shaver he never felt the need to pass down any wisdom. I spent years fumbling along, slicing myself to ribbons, suffering razor burn, folliculitis and eczema, with nothing but the tricks I learned at Jewish summer camp in the communal showers from other hairy eastern european girls to get me through. I didn't get that there was a better way, or even a different way.

It was in college, from a boyfriend of Italian descent, that I learned to steam the pores open first. Watching him do it to his face, and to warm up the razor was a revelation. By the time I got to those communal showers the water was tepid at best, so the idea of the addition of heat was revelatory. That was the first big change, and it was a game changer in many ways but still I struggled.

I tried every fancy blade and strip, only learning later that those things were irritating me with whatever sticky, soapish substance they contained. I was told to use a fresh blade every time I shaved. With the exorbitant cost of razor blades that was a luxury out of my reach.

And then, I mastered it. It happened almost by accident. I was to a certain extent starting with a blank canvas because the hair on my legs also fell out during chemo - but since that caused me months of suffering wicked folliculitis it hardly felt like a blessing. But it was during that time I really started to understand hair follicles; how sensitive they are, how they behave, how I could work with them instead of against them towards my goals of smooth legs.

Armed with this and my growing knowledge of skin, and facing a shower without shaving cream I stumbled upon the answer. Coconut oil. Yes, I know - I love me some of that stuff. So of course I had it in the shower, and I thought to myself "Well, you know you're not allergic to it, and it's antibacterial and whatnot (re: folliculitis aka an infection of irritated hair follicles) so why the eff not?" And so I did it. It was a revelation. It changed my shaving game.

Right around the same time I signed me and the man up for Dollar Shave Club. Suddenly we had more razor heads than I knew what to do with. Not a new one every single time (how wasteful?!) but once a week for $6? I could do that. Lo and behold, the problems started to fade away. Moreover, I enjoyed the silky glide of the oil and the razor together. It felt good. It smelled good. My legs felt good afterwards. I had finally figured out how to do it.

So here it is in simple list form, from someone who has struggled but struggles no longer.


1. Apply heat. Warm up your pores (steam or warm water - not gonna lie sometimes I just use the sink) and then - and this is crucial - turn the water up super hot and heat up the blade. Continue to do this throughout so you're using a warm blade the whole time.

2. Apply oil. My oil of choice is coconut, but I will also sub in for olive or almond in a pinch. The trick is to dampen the skin you're shaving first and use enough oil to almost create a lather. This is not the time to be subtle, you really want to make sure the blade doesn't tug on your skin.

3. Use a fresh razor. I'm a Dollar Shave Club 4x girl, which is $6 a month and totes worth not getting razor burned or infected.

4. Shave with awareness. You are scraping a blade on your skin, now is not the time to be doing complicated math in your head or whatever. I shave up because that's what I do, but some people believe you should shave in the direction hair grows, so if you can do that I doubt it makes things worse.

5. Moisturize.  For me this means more coconut oil when I'm done.

6. Spot treat issues.  For infected follicles or ingrowns, a warm compress with vinegar works wonders for me. For bruises I am a diehard arnica gel fan.  The ones you can see in the pictures are a result of the torture bands they use at barre class.

That's it. I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out, but here it is. No fancy products needed, although I was sorely tempted by this one because it's so pretty.

**I did get stretch marks on my chest during my tissue expansion but I treated them with these and they went away...

5 Things That Make Me Feel Like an Adult

As we descend ever closer to my birthday, I've been thinking a lot about how 32 feels a lot like 22, and also maybe like 72 (or maybe that's just me?) So I thought, in honor of that auspicious celebration of aging a year older, I'd make a list of a few simple things that make me proud to be an adult, or at least adult like. Adultish? I digress. Here's that list:

1. Knowing how to dress for my body
Gawd, if there was some hard won lesson on this list it would be this one. I cringe when I look at my younger self who had it so easy in so many ways and yet chose to wear. I can't even. You know what I mean. There's all kinds of things I know now: loyalty to designers who get my body, how to get something tailored (or do it myself), the art and magic of second hand shopping... My figure is not as good as it was 10 years ago, but it has never looked better. 

2. Knowing how to follow a recipe
I feel like I can cook almost anything. I don't. But that's a choice. I also know which recipes I will enjoy following, and my loyalty to these chef slash authors is surpassed only by my loyalty to the aforementioned authors.  

3. Knowing how to dress for occasions
I am definitely that person that has never been able to have fun at something if I am not wearing the right thing. This includes a complex and overlaying set of factors that include - temperature comfort and adjustability for shifting weather, footwear, style, level of dressiness, color-coordinating with environment and other guests, not standing out in pictures because of previous factors, and overall comfort/danceability. Woof, right? Best of all, I have learned that if I don't know it's ok to ask. 

4. Having an apartment I am proud of, that feels like home 
It's currently hitting a moving target but I now own a collection of things that make me feel proud to photograph and share my living space. I love my bed so much. 

5. Knowing how to take care of myself
Inside and out

Grey and Silver Linen Bed with Too Many Pillows

Well, my husband thinks too many, I think "NO SUCH THING." But fortunately for both of us, Fenway and I manage to use all the pillows in some kind of magic cloud formation that allows us to be supported in a cloud of feather soft linen and imitation down, while also jigsaw puzzling in two large humans and a not so small dog. Remind me again, what is this mythological "personal space" I have heard mention of on the wind, in the legends of old?

But seriously, ever since they cut me open and sewed me back together again I have learned to appreciate having a wide variety of sizes, textures and firmness to shape around my body for support as needed. This is is the dream/fantasy of that, with extensive research done to find the best that has to offer. And it is good. So good.

And yes, we do let this creature sleep in the bed, you try saying no to that face. Yet another reason we love the grey ;)



RUSTIC LOW PROFILE BED FRAME (similar - this one has storage)
BANANA LEAVES (jar is old cleaned out spaghetti sauce jar!)

Too Hot to Blog


I mean inside my body and out. Between hot flashes, heat waves, and fevers I feel like a human torch. It's too hot for clothes. Too hot for makeup. Too hot for the act of standing erect for more than 10 minutes. I am a fire sign gone out of control. I am my own bikram yoga studio. When people touch me for too long I whimper from their body heat. My current form of healing meditation is looking at pictures of glaciers on Pinterest. I haven't even attempted to wear mascara, lest it melt into my eyes causing some kind of secondary infection. I am a ball of aches, dizziness and never ending torturous heat.

If, as Joshua Graham said, I survive because the fire inside of me burns brighter than the fire around me, well I am doing gang busters. Now excuse me while I take an ice bath.

I've been subsisting on a steady diet of smart water, la croix, watermelon jerky, glutino crackers and Trader Joe's Japanese fried rice. It's the closest I can get to the "cooling" diet my acupuncturist recommended because all of my problems are heat based. Not the first time I've been called too hot, hopefully not the last.

Sorry for venting, I think my optimism melted in a puddle next to my bed.

Consider these pictures proof of life. I haven't washed my hair since Wednesday, but I do have an exceptional amount of happiness bling which as my longtime readers know I find incredibly palliative. What is it about the feel of cool, shiny things on my body that I find so healing? Is there some kind of clinical trial for this? Does it involve presents?

Regardless I will be swanning about in bed like Zsa Zsa Gabor for a few more days, dripping in bling to go with my inappropriate swimsuit pajamas and my ice packs.

Signet Ring | Bracelets | Sunglasses | Bathing Suit (on sale!)

Stop Telling Me Something is Wrong With Me to Sell Me Shit

I’ll admit to getting botox since I was 27. That’s when the deep wrinkles in my forehead from squinting at a computer screen all day stopped going away when I relaxed my face. I noticed right away after the botox that my eyes were less fatigued at the end of the day  and I got less headaches - but also that more forehead was as smooth as baby’s butt. I was hooked.

You would never know, except that I tell everyone. It seems only fair since I blog about skincare. I don’t want to falsely sell my readers on my smooth forehead likes it’s just a product of diligent sunscreen and proper exfoliation. Although these things didn’t hurt, per se, it wouldn’t be possible without those injections.

I considered it prophylactic, something to prevent the wrinkles, frowning, tension headaches and other bodily casualties of the computer generation. If there was a cure for texting neck that cost about $200 every 6 months I would do that to.

Now, the $200 might make you pause. Well, I love me a groupon. I will happily go to whomever is selling me units the cheapest. In the beginning I was all paranoid and like “only a doctor can do it” blah blah blah. But my innate cheapness won out and it has never done me wrong. Sometimes I think the nurses even do it better.

But I digress. Too much build up.

So there I am, sitting in the office of this guy I found on the internet. A doctor, and a fairly handsome one at that. I am patiently listening to his schpiel about his instagram and nodding and smiling. Then he looks at me and he says this, “I have to tell you, your skincare is terrible. Whatever you are using is very bad. Your skin is horrible.” He then proceeded to tell me I was in dire need of a chemical peel (to which I responded, um, I had microdermabrasion last week) and then reiterated that he would be happy to give me a “free consultation” wherein his aesthetician would devise a “yearlong” (and most definitely not free) series of peels/lasers and skin care products I could use to fix my horrible skin.

I wilted, then sunk into myself. Too scared to mention that I did in fact diligently use incredible skincare products, had had a consultation (and recently) with a very talented aesthetician and also that I did in fact have a blog where I give thousands of readers a day advice on their own skin care.

OMG, was I a fraud?? Had someone secretly been facetuning my pictures when I wasn’t looking? What is wrong with me?

I slunk out of this office, smartly declining to make an appointment for my next “consultation” and walked to my car where I proceeded to weep and text my husband.

Then I went home and stared at my face (and all my blog photos) trying to figure out what he was seeing that I wasn’t. People compliment me on my skin all the time. Even looking at it then, in that moment of shame spiraling and self doubt, I couldn’t figure out what he could possibly mean. Sure, you can see a few pores around my nose but they are as small as they have ever been. I have these bags under my eyes but those can’t be fixed with skincare, peels or lasers (trust me I have asked approx 16 derms) … what was he talking about?

And then I realized, he was talking about my freckles.

I have had freckles forever. My face hasn’t felt the sun without a hat and thick layers of sunscreen in years. I’ve been peeled, dermabraided and bleached with only the slimmest results. They aren’t “damage” - they are genetic. Most of the time I even like them.

When I was a kid and bashed my freckles, my dad told me that they were kisses from angels, and also that I would lose one every time I kissed a boy. (Nice try dad.)

This asshole monster of a “doctor” was trying to sell me thousands of dollars of painful and intrusive skincare products to eliminate something that I actually kind of like about myself. Jerk.

Sure, freckling and hyper pigmentation can be a sign of sun and environmental damage, and if you want to heal your skin I strongly support that decision. If you want to love and pamper yourself with indulgent routines to reward your mind, body and spirit for all the work it does carrying you around in the universe consider my blessings and energy and good vibes coming your way. You do you. But people need to stop trying to make me feel like crap about myself to sell me shit.

So what did I do? I went home and lovingly applied my beloved face care routine. I kissed my husband a lot and let him tell me I was so pretty. Then I made an online donation to a local charity that sponsors artwork for at-risk youth as a means of self expression, because that seemed like a better use of my money.

PS: Some shops that I love because they value self-care, fun and pampering over punishment: Glossier and Peach & Lily. Please enjoy these closeup pictures of my "horribly damaged" skin (insert crying laughing emoji)

How to be a Jetsetter Turning Steerage into First Class Pampering with This Carry On Packing List

I've been flying a lot recently,to see family friends and doctors from CHI to SF and back again. I feel like at this point I've gotten it down to a fine art - so much so that on a recent round trip I was able to go straight from the airport to an impromptu yacht cruise around the lake, without skipping a beat. With two very different climates, I am pretty proud of myself for mastering this. Hot & humid Chicago, to frigid arid plane, then foggy medium SF and back again could do a number on your skin (and your immune system, and your mental health.) But with a few key items I have found that the cross-country commute is not so bad. This is what I stock to keep my skin plump and dewy, my eyes depuffed, my self sickness and germ free, and my general psyche as upbeat as possible.

Here's whats worth the precious space in my carry on:
  1. Sheet Masks (whatever looks good, I'm always switching them up)
  2. Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Masks (they fit perfectly under my sleep mask, and also work anywhere I feel like putting them on my face) 
  3. Moisturizers (yes multiple: current favorites are the Glossier Moon Mask, Priming MoisturizerAromatica Rose Absolute Vital Cream,& Lagom Mild Moisture Cream)
  4. Hand & Body Cream (obsessed with Body Silk by French Girl Organics)
  5. Balm Dot Com in many many flavors (I use it for nails, face, lips, wherever) 
  6. Moisturizing Mist or my favorites from P&L or Glossier decanted into a travel bottle  
  7. Charcoal Sleep Mask (all things charcoal, all the time)
  8. Comfy Noise Cancelling Headphones
  9. Thin Poncho Shawl (that doubles as a scarf and blanket)
  10. Ginger candies (for nausea/airsickness)
  11. Immunity drops from Pressed Juicery  
  12. Healthy Snack Bars
  13. Samples (Peach & Lily gives amazing ones, as does Sephora
  14. Reusable water bottle 
  15. Extra phone batteries and cords
  16. Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream (for after the flight) 
  17. Pink bubble bags for organizing (I've also been known to use them as pillows as well)
All tucked into a minimalist backpack plus sneakers on my feet for even weight distribution and easy walking.  Other things that always go in the carry-on: medicine and any jewelry. You want them close but also they are the most common things stolen from checked bags, not that I've checked a bag since one of mine got lost in Israel 14 years ago, but lesson learned.

The samples are mostly psychological - I'm treating myself to something fun which helps me look forward to a plane flight, plus I'm sure the extra moisture doesn't hurt, but it's helpful to have something to do and since I can't read (I get airsick) putting yummy potions on my face feels like a good option.

In addition I've stopped carrying full sized bottles of my daily routine. There's a lot of them, and I'm pretty sure I'd lose one of my precious babies, and they are heavy. So if the trip is less than 3 days I decant them into these tiny plastic containers, which came in a set of 25 for $6 and which I also reuse. I mark their contents on the lid with a sharpie.

What am I missing? What's in your travel "go bag"?

Super Easy Updo for Dirty Summer Hair

If you are on the summer hair-washing free kick like me, then there comes a time when your hair still looks amazing but it feels kinda bad. Fear not. This is the perfect time (around Day 4 for me) to take advantage of all that texture and rock an amazing updo. The steps for this one are sooo easy but the result looks fancy and complicated. Plus it can be done with various hair lengths (just make the bun smaller!)

Watch the 15 SECOND video, or just follow these easy steps.

1) Put hair up into a high pony.
2) Braid the tail loosely - you want that volume from that braid.
3) Fold the braid tail under and secure with pins. Secure the sides to your heads by tucking pins in and around if you don't like the open curl.

Boom. DONE. 

Amuse Society Bandana One Piece (on sale!) 

The Easy Shadow Trick to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

I first read this trick in a magazine, way before there was a pinterest. I have since combed the over saturated world of pins looking for same but have not found it, so I decided to create it for myself. It's not precision work but it does require a little confidence and several eyeshadow shades (I used the tartlet palette which is awesome!)

Allow me to break it down for you.

1. Line your eyes with liquid liner (optional) I like to give the shadow something to stick to and I like to have a little extra on the lashes for depth, but it's personal preference. The original version of this I read way back when did not include this step.

2. Apply a medium shadow (something like a light brown or gray, the middle shade) into the outer corner of your eye from the lash line to slightly above the crease. You can really just dab it on and then blend it inwards, trying to taper down as you go towards the inner eye.

3. Apply a light shadow from the inner corner of the eye outward. Blend it into that medium shade with your finger or a brush if you want to be fancy.

4. Apply the darkest shade you're using into the crease just on the outside where the medium shade is. Use whatever is left on the brush to softly reline the lash line and the bottom lashes on the outer corner. Less is more here.

5. Apply mascara.

BOOM. Done.

It takes a little practice to figure out the best placement for the shadow, so I recommend playing a little when the stakes are low until you figure out what works best for your individual shade. Selfies help with this. The most important part of the optical illusion is really the dark on the outside and the light on the inside. It also should be a little smudgy and well blended, so it looks like shadows on your face, not like a crazy smoky eye.

Since I have brown eyes I like to use a dark purply brown for the darkest color, it's the most flattering. Blue eyes look awesome with a dark blue grey, green eyes really pop with a golden tone, but finding the right shades for you is also a little trial and error.

I strongly prefer matte palettes because you can always add sparkle on top, but you can't remove it from a sparkly shadow. Bobbi brown makes the best sparkle layering pigments, silver moon is my go-to.

P.S. You might recognize the t-shirt from this post. It's from Reformation, and it's my current fave.

The Art of The Day Two Blowout

Keeping that good hair day going. The trick is to prevent the oil from forming, not try to banish it once it's already there. Here's what I do:

1) Before bed I spray liberally with dry shampoo and brush out.  (Currently loving Living Proof)
2) Let sit for 3 minutes then brush out. This step is important! 
3) Pile loosely on head with clip or side braid. Keep off face with bandana or headband. 
4) Repeat

That's it. It works especially well if you used hairspray or other styling cream to achieve the day one look. 

A Silky Amazing SPF50 That Leaves Skin Super Soft

 These days a product needs to be something special to sell out. There's a whole dark world of the internet just waiting to fulfill every want and need, a new miracle product launched everyday and just so much stuff out there to try.

This sunscreen has sold out - twice.

Do I need to tell you more?

Ok, it's super gentle and non-irritating (sunscreen is the number one product most likely to make me break out in an allergic rash) while also feeling silky and smelling light and delicious. It moisturizes. Like really. I put it on after scrubbing my face post workout, and it was plump and dewy all day. It protects against UVA and UVB. The packaging is gorgeous, which makes me want to carry it around and therefore use it. It has an awesome pump.

Treat yourself to the best thing you can do for your anti-aging routine... before it sells out again. FOMO.

Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF 50 available from Peach & Lily

Good Hair Day Deep Chocolate Hair with Buttery Brown Ombre and Awesome Volume

Do I even need to write anything here? Wasn't the title descriptive enough? Ok, fine. The olaplex is working awesome, and it finally cooled down enough that I could do something other than just air dry and then work a crunchy, sweaty pony. Also this shirt came which I am obsessed with, and which I have been told roughly translates into IDGAF, which is the kind of rad, badass energy I want to channel. Been caring a little too much about what other people think recently and it's time to let that go. Also this shirt is so freaking soft and comfy it's like a hug from silk covered baby angels.

But back to the hair. I've been doing a lot of things recently in terms of trying to be healthy because my lupron (aka chemical hysterectomy) was freaking brutal this time around. It really knocked me on my ass and made me feel terrible. All the side effects. All of them. I try not to complain to much but the mood swings and anxiety and hot flashes were turning me into my evil twin, Trina. She's a witch.

I also found a grey eyelash hair. How is that even possible?

So to help myself through this time of tribulation I've been doing all the things. All of them. I've been taking a shot of lemon juice mixed with immunity drops and B vitamin drops every morning. I've been oil pulling with coconut oil. Taken antibiotics. Re-probioticing afterwards. I've been drinking Yogi Tea Skin Detox & Detox Tea everyday. I've been drinking peppermint tea everyday.  I've been mainlining fluids like it's my job. Logging what I eat. Watching my macros. Using minoxidil every night. The Olaplex. The aforementioned lack of heat styling. Sticking mostly to the high protein diet I know makes me feel the best. Working out pretty intensely (barre, megaformer and  bootcamp class) until I couldn't tell if my body aches were from the drugs or just old fashioned hard work.  I hugged my puppy and my husband a lot. I shared a lot of articles about systemic racism on my facebook. I was kind to strangers on the street. I slept a lot.

The result of all of this culminated in thick shiny hair. Dream hair. The hair I wished for before chemo, and which I will never take for granted again. The kind of hair that helps remind me just how lucky I actually am.

I cannot even tell you how to get this hair so please enjoy the pictures.

Reformation Tee

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