Pai Rosehip Oil Dupe slash I Like This One Better

Alternate title: My Favorite Organic Rose Hip Oil (Hint: It's Not Pai)

So, in the cool girl beauty internet circles I somehow manage to run in there is a cult like following for Pai Rosehip Biogenerate Oil . It's sold out on Amazon. It's Violet Grey approved.

People are obsessed with the effects of this oil which result in dewy, plump, and moisturized skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it's natural. We love natural beauty that isn't made from scary petrochemicals with carcinogenic and reproductive impacts.

From Violet Grey:

Rosehip oil is rich in provitamin-A, an essential component of the skin’s repair function. It conditions the skin, boosts firmness and elasticity, and improves the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and sun damage without irritation.

  • Rosehip seed oil is blended with rosehip fruit oil, which contains five times the carotenoids. This provides the luminous color and twice the regenerative properties.
  • Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 improve the skin’s functions and hydrate.

It all sounds amazing, right? So what's the catch. A tiny little bottle of this magic serum costs about what I spend on food in two days. And it's not one of those things where all you need is the tiniest little drop and the little bottle lasts forever. You need a fair amount to massage into your skin. 

I've tried other "dupes" with really unpleasant results including scary things like questions about if it's spoiled, if it's actually organic, if the oil has been over processed (rendering it ineffective and waste of money) or just having it make me break out in an unpleasant rash (best guess: the addition of some kind of funky preservative.

But when I saw that my beloved Peach & Lily had started stocking their own Organic Rosehip Oil, from trusted and highly regulated organic brand Aromatica, I new I had to try it. I am so glad I did.

Not only does it smell, feel and look incredibly similar - boasting that bright orange color that Pai is known for - but it works just as well, or possibly even better, at almost half the price. I also like the minimalist packaging better (yes, I am that superficial - those swirls and curlicues always remind me of breast cancer websites!) In case you needed another fancy cultish beauty blog to back me up, Byrdie is an advocate of the Aromatica Rose Hip Oil as well. 

So if you're looking for an effective, organic alternative to the coveted glow potion that is the Pai rosehip oil, check out the Organic Rosehip Oil from Aromatica. #dewyAF

PS: I also use Aromatica's 97% Organic Damask Rose Soothing Gel everyday for my Nuface treatement. Oh, and if you click my link you'll get $10 off your first purchase from Peach & Lily... 

A Story of Three Tucks

I find that my proclivity for exercise is somewhat cyclical. Sometimes all I want to do is barre, sometimes it's bootcamp 4 days in a row, sometimes it's megaformer till my legs can't hold me up anymore. But whatever I get into, I get really into. Then I get sick of it and move on, and the cycle continues. It's the same with songs (listen on repeat) and snacks (current obsession) but I notice it the most with exercise. Because I am on classpass and it runs out. Whomp whomp.

So, I've been really into barre workouts recently. Mostly because I like not sweating (and therefore feeling like I ruined a good hair day) which I can make last about a week if I don't sweat too heavily.

But also because I love a good tuck. I just love it. I feel like we don't tuck enough. We sit at our desks, at our computers, hip flexors tightened into right angles like angry little origami joints, never giving them the glorious release of engaging the much bigger muscle groups to which they hinge.

When you tuck correctly in a barre class you release your hip flexors and create opposition between those big juicy thigh muscles and the coveted "lower ab" region. The thighs being a huge muscle, they burn about a jillion calories when you tighten them. Engaging what fitness people call the "lower abs"(more accurately a sheath that runs from your hips to your ribcage called the transverse abdominals) acts as a natural corset - supporting your spine and just tightening up that whole area. They are glorious and also super hard to engage.

The tuck is a power move, in that it hits both of these areas AND, it's super freaking hilarious to do. It's Jane Fonda workout videos plus those club dudes from SNL rolled up into one motion. Chicks get hella serious in barew class, so to see them thrusting and tucking is pure joy. Well at least it is for me.

This is the first tuck of which the title refers to. This is the tuck that makes the second tuck possible. The one in which I tuck my camisole into my high waisted jeans, throw a belt around the whole package, and then go out in public with lower torso on full display. Without spanx or anything.

The third tuck is one I have developed a habit of recently because I can't find a freaking hair tie in my house to save my life. I feel like Fenway must be eating them or something. Where do they go??? Where??? So I've developed this cool/fun new habit of just tucking my hair into my jacket/turtleneck/sweater. I don't know why but I'm super into it and it makes me feel the same way that wearing my jacket as a cape does, but more practical. It was windy AF when I was trying to take these pictures and my Everlane bomber (NOW BACK IN STOCK!!!) was doing double duty as a hair tie/warmth provider.

And there you have it. Three tucks.

Blogging is hard, man.

Neoprene BomberTall Ripped High Waist Jeans | Vintage Gucci Belt | Sunglasses

How to Wear Sweater Pants

Because you know you want to, because they are SO freaking comfy... This is my go-to Saturday night at the movies, adorable but not trying to hard look.

Here's how to pull this off:

Throw on a leather jacket (because duh)
Tuck in a shirt to give some "polish" - or in this case, a bodysuit - stripes are fun and kind of preppy, but a graphic tee also looks rad or an embroidered tee 
Add sweater pants (or if you fancy these ones), also works with joggers
Finish with some Black & White Sneakers  (currently in heavy rotation, my gazelles) the black matches the jacket, the white matches the top, pulls it all together.

Bonus points throw on a giant scarf that will double as a blanket in the chilly theater.

So Futuristic: Styling My Silver Metallic Puffy Coat and Adidas Gazelles

Right now fashion is having a moment that I would best describe as how the 90s imagined that the future would be. Like, it's "futuristic" but with a distinct throwback feeling to the decade (almost 20 years ago now!) that was obsessed with being the last of it's millennium. I use the caption marks deliberately because I can't think of it as being futuristic, it's too nostalgic for that. It's almost as if the predictions for what clothing would look like were self actualizing. We made it so because we willed it to be so.

Think Angelina Jolie in Hackers. One of my favorite movies of all time - Jolie's character is a sexy, glossy tomboy who somehow manages to be sporty and shiny at the same time. That is all I truly aspire to be, and in her character I realized it was possible. She is all of those things, and in by blending them becomes the kind of future 90s poster child that would, as Bustle calls it, "look appropriate in your instagram feed now." This must be how my mom felt when I "discovered" styles that she wore well before my time.

I want to look like a sexy, glossy, glittery, sparkly tomboy. I feel like the quote unquote "inspired" pairing of sneakers and a metallic puffy is magically the perfect combination of those things. It's also hella comfortable.

Fashion is so cyclical, it folds in on itself like a snake eating it's own tail. This time around I plan to save all my plastic chokers as proof to my children of how cool I was in twenty years when they become fashionable again.

Metallic Silver Puffy | Windshield Wiper Shades | Black & White Sneakers | Vintage Tee

GRWM The Full 15 Minutes

15 minute videos! PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET DO THIS. I know, it seems crazy, but I watch them all the time! They are, in fact, mildly addictive and also incredibly educational. AND you guys asked for it. So here it is.

For those of you not up on the internet slang, GRWM stands for "Getting Ready With Me." Not Grown Woman, as I first thought. Above are some pictures from after I did the look. Not too shabby. Love the subtle purple eye.

And of course, here's a list of everything I used:

Eye Stick
Eyelash Curler
Liner with Growth Treatment
Makeup Palette
Mascara 1 - Mascara 2
Priming Moisturizer
Concealer (under eye) 
Concealer (stick)
Clear Brow Growth Gel
Brow Pomade
Brow Gel
Lip Pencil
Lip Stick

Let me know if you watched the whole thing (you're my new best friend!) but also if you want to know more on any topic, or if you have any more requests! I love requests.

PS, yes these are my lashes. You can read how I got them so AMAZING on Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Review and Video: Magnetight Age-Defier Magnetic Face Mask

I used my Sephora brownie points or whatever they are called to try out new things and when I saw that they had the Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt in that shiny little glass tube I had to snag it. One, it looked weird. I love weird cosmetic stuff. Snail Mucus? Yes please. Microcurrent infusion? I'm in. Moreover, I had a read about this in one of my glossy magazines. I had to try it.

To application process is just like any other mask. Wash face. Tone*. Apply (they provide a spatula, I cannot use those little things and just use my finger) all over your face. Wait some amount of time.

The uniqueness of this mask - which feels grainy like a charcoal mask, but smells herbal like a clay mask, and also somehow "softer" - is in how you remove it. It comes with a magnet. You wrap that in a tissue and glide it over your face.

After experiencing the somewhat soft and creamy texture of the mask I was highly skeptical, but when the time came (actually a little before, I'm so impatient) I grabbed my tissue wrapped magnet and went to work...

It was AMAZING. Not only did it come off in these clean, glorious swoops - it also felt like someone with the tiniest little sweet octopus fingers was gently tugging and then unsuctioning off my face. It felt so good, and more importantly, my skin looked bananas. So young and radiant. It had a velvety texture and the mask left behind a coating that felt exactly like Miracle Blur, or Benefit Porefessional, or my beloved Murad Invisiblur sunscreen.  It looked crazy good - smooth, radiant, plump, tight, dare I even say poreless. My make-up glided on (not that I really needed it!)

Overall I'd say this mask is a winner - especially if anti-aging is your concern. I will give the caveat that on my chin, where I had a cyst brewing, it did seem to make that sucker pop out more this morning (that could also have been the dairy I had last night) but in the future I just wont put it on my breakout prone chin.

Watch the video to see this crazy mask in action!

A little bit of Frizz is SO hot right now...

Right now I am so into a roughed up, lived in, IDGAF attitude that seems to be running deliciously rampant through the media. My favorite part? A little (or a lot) of frizz is suddenly OK. Having battled the kinks in my hair for most of my life, it is shocking to be so effortlessly on trend.

 Guess what? You can be, too.

Lo and behold - the trend is just to let your hair do it's thing. Wash it sometimes. Or everyday if you want. Use shampoo. Don't. Throw it up. Braid it. Tuck it in your shirt if you can't find a hairthing.  Die it purple. Die your pixie blonde.  Get a hot shave. Whatever makes you happy.

To achieve this look. I washed my hair for the first time in 9 days. I did it 3 times (it was that gross!) I went to bed. I woke up with it still damp. It magically dried like this.  I had a magical 3 days.

Honestly, all I remember is throwing it up with some pins (still no hair thing in sight) and letting the sunset kiss my perfectly kinky, somewhat frizzy strands.

And if your hair doesn't frizz? Lucky, lucky you. Sleek strands are cool, too. In fact, it's basically whatever these days. Curls. Relaxed. Permed. Air dried. Blow dried. Curled. Straightened. Twisted. The bounty of options is only overwhelming if you let it be.

The most important part is that you only think about your hair as something good. Set the intention of rejoicing in whatever is or isn't on your head. Let those dead tubes of keratin occupy your mind only if it's fun for you and brings you joy.

That when the sunsets and the light is so warm it's honey and you're basically thinking, "man, my hair is awesome", in that moment, you are so on trend.

FINALLY A Bodysuit for Tall People

Rejoice! No longer will you suffer the indignities of perma-wedgie, shoulder crushing bodysuits. The solution is not to be found in the tucking of a normal shirt, no no! Not for us! We tall, gorgeous women, will not be forced by our towering amazonian glory into adding bunched fabric to the least desirable of all places (the rounded area below the belly button) when those less limbed can swan around in the effort (or at least bulk) minimizing bodysuit. Finally, a mass market merchandiser has realized that once size does not fit all torsos. Behold, the glory and wonder of the Topshop Tall section. Oh, the untold glory of clothes that fit - the result of that extra length means I can wear my actual size (instead of extending out to get the length I need) which results in the most flattering high waisted jeans I have ever owned and something I thought I could never wear. Wonders never cease.

TopShop Tall Bodysuits | Tall Ripped High Waist Jeans | Thick Velvet ChokerWestward Leaning Sunnies | Name Necklace 

I'm Pretty Sure This Song was Written for Anyone Going Through Cancer: Machine by Scott Helman

Have you ever listened to a song SO perfect that it captures something you didn't even know you needed someone to say to you? And then it's sun in such a hauntingly beautiful way that you put it on repeat and just lie in bed listening to it on repeat. THIS is that song. Just in case you don't trust me, there's a list of the lyrics below.

I have felt like a machine, or  more accurately a test tube, petri dish, toxic waste dump, malfunctioning robot, a collection of physical parts - that aren't working the way they are supposed to. I took this series of pictures when I was feeling exactly that way. Post-chemo. Dizzy, tired, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was lying by the pool with my camera in my hand and I could see my body lying in front of me like a collection of parts. Fake breast, strong working leg, somewhat defiant but currently behaving skin.

I have, in facy been scanned sideways, upside down, cut up inside (by more than words) and even scanned while still being cut up inside. Still there are those moments when my heart overflows. And when they push me back down but I just get up again.

Anyways, just trust me and listen to the song.

Your heart is more than a machine.
Pumping blood through your body, doing things you've never seen.
Their words come like arrows when they fly.
With mechanical precision they can cut you up inside.
But you're more than bolts.
Like the city's more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You're more than a machine.
Fingertips and pretty lights.
We go through the scanner sideways.
See you on the other side.
Your flesh.
All your skin and all your bones.
Carry all our generations.
With the future still unknown.
But you're more than bolts.
Like the city's more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You're more than a machine.
But you're more than bolts.
Like the city's more than steel and stone.
Soon your heart is gonna overflow.
They push you back down you get up again.
Circuits freeze and androids never dream.
You're more than a machine.
Songwriters: Scott Helman / Ron Lopata / Thomas Salter / Simon Wilcox
Machine lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing

VIDEO: How to Elevate a Sleek Low Bun

One of my favorite dirty hair one-more-day-without-washing looks is the super sleek low bun. No matter the hair length (I've been known to essentially cage in short locks with bobby pins) this flattering style can keep your hair out of your face, draw attention to your eyes, enhance your cheekbones and otherwise stylishly extend the time between washing. It's green. It also looks amazing. That's why it continues to be a perennial fashion favorite.

The secret to making it a look, and not just a lazy hair day, is the addition of two quick and easy steps.

First, tease some volume at the crown (I show you how in the video!) Second, use some pomade and a bristle brush for a super shiny, sleek look. If your hair is dirty dirty like mine (or you want some extra volume) a quick spray of dry shampoo beforehand goes a long way. All in the additions take about two minutes, but the result is worth the extra effort.

Here's the product I use and love to achieve this look. Watch the video, and send me any more requests you might have! 

This is Where We Got Married : Guerneville. CA

The backdrop for all good things.
Below, my visual scapbook, with some comments, stories from the wedding and other tasty tidbits from our anniversary weekend.  

Our  Favorite place to gather (and recover) I loved sitting in the tub having breakfast with the friends staying on site and rehashing the hilarious stories from the night before. 

Right here is where I pulled my new husband into the pool in all his clothes.

Where the naked groomsmen brought an abrupt end to the hot tub party (it was probably time)

Puppy of honor

the fire where we made s'mores

Do you think she remembers me from our photoshoot

New Restaurant in town - Seaside Metal Oyster Bar - SOOOO good

There are some places that only get more magical the more time you spend in them. Boon Hotel + Spa is definitely one of them. We went there the first time for Steve's Birthday. As soon as we walked through the arching wooden hallway into the pristine camp. we fell in love. We begged them to let us get married there, and somehow by some magic it all camp together better than we could have we dreamed. It was the best day of my life.**

Sometimes going back can take the magic away and last year we couldn't come because I was recovering from my surgeries but this year we had to go back. And it was even more beautiful, perfect and magical than we hopped (with an expanded offering of amazing new food, restuarants and bars that have popped up in town since.

**(You can see lot's of pictures of the auspicious event starting HERE- or in the My Wedding Dropdown section)

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