Parrrrty Makeup with the Glossier Black Tie Set


Here's what I did:

This on brows and skinThis on eyes & lip. Both have videos! I mean, it's working so well I am faltering in my urge to do anything else. Don't worry, something new and exciting will come along soon and I will be all over that instead.

Why You Need A Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I just got a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Whole Foods a few days ago. I got it because we blew a fuse while cooking and didn't want to bother the maintenance staff in the middle of the night before thanksgiving. The plugs were working. The overhead lights were not. So when I saw a cute, crystal** looking lamp for under $20, I thought why not. I was purely motivated by aesthetics.

Then, as I was reading the instructions I stumbled upon the list of benefits of salt lamps (and the interesting science behind it) and I become even more intrigued. Could this really help with my SAD (seasonal affected disorder) or with the coughing/runny noses that had plagued our entire household since the weather turned overnight from 60s to 30s.

I plugged it in. I crossed my fingers. That night, not a single dog or human awoke with their sinuses. Heaven. 

Since then I have been alternately trying to stop my profound and deep held hoarding instincts (an apartment our size only really needs one!) and telling everyone I know that they need one.

How have I not known about this sooner?

So back to the science behind. The salt is heated up by the bulb inside. The salt attracts moisture (this we know because eating it makes us bloated and it's the thing to do when you spill red wine on someone to get the stain out instead of pushing it deeper into the fabric!) Along with the moisture it brings along the common irritants like pollen, mold, dust, smoke, smog, bad spirits, nightmares of ex-boyfriends past and germs. Then the heat from the bulb dispels the moisture out into the air again, but all the bad stuff in the air is trapped in the salt crystal. BOOM. Science magic.

There's also some voodoo hippy stuff about deionizing the air, and other things I didn't understand (this does a decent job of explainging it but the source is dubious) but also gives off a pleasant, warm, natural glow that is supposed to help with SAD. We shall see.

Either way I am into it, and it really does look chic and adorable. I have placed it next to my humidifier (because those things potentially gross me out a lot) in hopes they will counter each other it.

Feelings wise my nasal passages, skin, and soul feel less freeze-dried strawberry and more pudding.

** I LOVE crystals - see soap and haloscope

The Definitive List of YA Series & Gone Girl Mysteries to Give and Get

Oh Winter - time to cuddle up indoors in piles of puppies and blankets. It's also time to wait in lines - post office, airport, Starbucks (those syrups bring in a whole new crowd of people who don't actually like coffee), stores, bathrooms. It is a season of giving and it is a season of lines. Cannot be avoided.

So what could be more perfect than a digital book (or three, or twelve) to help pass the time? Now is not the time for deep thinking, or tear jerkers. Now is the time for pure, delicious, time consuming entertainment.

PS it is really hard to write about these without ruining anything, so bare with me! There's more detailed descriptions on the link. Also, here are instructions on how to send digital books as a present - because you can save a tree. Help any tech challenged loved ones to download the kindle app and populate it with books for them, they will thank you (and so will the planet!)

For lovers of Trilogies, YA Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance, Adventures etc.

The 5th Wave:  The world has been systematically destroyed by the visitors, only the children and teenagers survive

Beautiful Creatures: A family of cursed witches, an epic battle between good and evil, and a love story with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Beekeeper's Apprentice: (Mary Russell Series) what if an middle-aged Sherlock Holmes found his equal in a 14 year old prodigy. This is the story of how student surpasses master, friendship, and of course mysteries.

The Delirium Series:  In a dystopian world where love is declared the deadliest of all diseases, one's only hope is to be cured. Lena is 95 days away from getting her cure when she does the unthinkable. She falls in love. 

Diana Herself, The Bewilderment Chronicles:  A girl with flaws, a quest that turns magical, and an awakening. That's all I can tell you.

The Divergent Series: Different than the movies (especially after the first one) and definitely worth reading, this is the story of a dystopian, future world where you must choose to put yourself into a single box. What happens if you fit in more than one?

The Diviners Series:   Set in the 1920s, this is the story of a disparate group of actors brought together to fight the supernatural- falling in and out of love with each other as they go.

Ender's Game:  Widely considered the original that started it all, I've been told to only read the first one because it is a true masterpiece (fight me on this if you want)

Graceling Series: A world where some people have magic powers, and some do not, and the interplay between the two. Possibly an incredibly timely allegory on socio economics and thoughtful use of power, but also great for times when you feel completely different and misunderstood.

The Grisha Series: An epic romance, a battle for the world, a teenage girl at it's center. Cinderella meets Harry Potter meets WWII.

The Hunger Games Series: In case you've been living under a rock, just read this. It's really good.

The Legend SeriesWhat was once the western United States is now home to the Republic. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. Romeo and Juliet set in a world where trump is elected (j/k not really) 

The Magicians: If Harry Potter was for older, more depraved kids with much darker enemies.  Not even sure this book is YA, it's pretty dark, but it's a page turner.

The Maze Runner Trilogy: Also very very different than the movie. A boy wakes up in a box rising from the ground with no memories. He's inside a maze, with only a ragtag group of boys to organize their own survival. Then a girl comes up, and they can speak in each others minds....

The Passage: A dystopian world who's only hope for survival is one very special little girl.

Red Rising: A sexier, darker Hunger Games cum Ender's Game set across the galaxy.

The Shadowhunters Series: A world of angels, demons, fairies and power struggles who's only hope is a ragtag, sexy group of teenagers.

The Wrath & The Dawn: A magical love story based on classic myths - this is the story of a prince forced to slaughter his bride every night and the girl who survives.

The Twilight Saga: Vampire/Human/Werewolf love triangle. Honestly if you haven't read this yet I'm pretty sure I wont be able to convince you. I'm not even sure why you're reading this list. In case you're 14, in which case - you're welcome.

The Young Elites: A dystopic fantasy world where magical children are bought and sold - power struggles, star crossed lovers and mysteries abound.

If you like more suspense/murder/mystery in your indulgent reading here are my favorite "Gone Girl" esque books from the last year.

Luckiest Girl Alive  - Do we ever really get past the wounds of high school?
Girl on the Train - an alcoholic on a train is the only one who noticed when the perfect girl goes missing...
Midair - planning the perfect suicide/revenge in the city of love. 
In a Dark, Dark Wood - Why did reclusive writer Leonora go on the hen weekend? And what did she do while she was there? 

All The Missing GirlsTold backwards—Day 15 to Day 1 - there are two missing girls, separated by almost a decade, in the same small backwoods town. 
Under the Harrow: What would you do if you found your best friend, and twin sister, dead? 
All the Pretty Girls: Three sisters. One goes missing. The other two fall apart. This is what happens next...  
Wilde Lake: A rape, a murder and family in a small town that is supposed to be a modern  "utopia" 

One Dress Two Ways - Help Me Pick!

When it comes to holiday dressing, I like to bring my own kind of heat. The sexy sexy kind of heat. J/K not really. The truth is I abhor anything lacy, itchy, wool, sequins (oh the marks, the rashes that last for weeks!) I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes. I need to be able to dance. These are the things I typically look for in party outfits. This year I also had another requirement - packable. My plan was to pack as much versatility into my outfits as possible. Ten days, countless events, and one amazing rollerball.

The inspiration for the following looks came from these pragmatic sources, and also my complete obsession with Pia Robbio, creater of the label LPA (from whence this leopard silk dress came) who in the linked article wears her own dress as a cape. Also from my friend Mimi who sent me on a quest to find this epic look,  not realizing it would consume me and I would eventually make it my own.

The bustier dress is from The Real Real, but it was new with tags and is currently available in stores. Nobody does bustier dresses like Alexander Wang, but you can definitely find a ton in the second hand world.

Look 1 is just the dress, in all it's silky leopardy glory. It's got some amazing details that make it special, like how it's the perfect flattering shade of bronze, the silkyswoosh of the fabric, and of course, the built in choker. I love the extra long bell sleeves.

Look 2 is the same dress but worn open as a cape. The collar is still intact, and there was complicated wizardry to get the thing in place.

Now I need your help. I tried these on because I was packing. The party is tomorrow night. Which one, dear readers, should I wear??


OFF LABEL USE: Stock up on the Glossier Black Friday Sale Milky Jelly Dog Bath

Yes, this Friday, the entire Glossier website will be 20% off. If you can make it on before everyone goes completely insane and everything sells out might I recommend a new usage for the beloved Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Here's what happened. My darling baby has developed a new fun habit of sleeping on my face. She's basically a dog version of a swiffer so this is gross. We bathe her once a weekish, when her hair starts to get clumpy and tangled and turns from white to beige. She also starts to itch herself aggressively, like wake me up in the middle of the night thumping. I tried some fancy, expensive things. They worked alright. I tried some organic, from the apothecary things - they made my face breakout and get itchy.

Finally, I did a deep dive into all the animal and dog websites I could find looking to see if any of my already sensitive skin approved soaps contained ingredients that would be safe to use on her. After weeks of research, I determined that the ingredients in Glossier Milky Jelly were not only safe, but widely recommended across various vet and natural dog websites.

So, after assuring myself this was not animal cruelty, I decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and bathe her in Milky Jelly.

It. Was. Amazing.

She loved it.

Her coat was smooth and clean and soft and fluffy and shiny and white. Not only that, but so far it's lasted way longer than her other soaps. She's still clean and fluffy five days later, which is usually when she starts to gross me out with her beige color and kind of oily/dirty/beigeness, and I have to hold myself back on washing her because over washing is bad for her skin.

Obviously this is insane, and if your cheap dog shampoo is working for you disregard this email. But if you're little monster is having similar issues, and is a tiny dog who needs like a capful of soap for 3 weeks, then this is worth checking out.

Plus, it will be 20% off.
Stock up before it sells out!

Glossier Milky Jelly

Peach & Lily Chubby Cheeks Review

In the hierarchy of sheet masks that exists in my life (yes, that's a thing) I would honestly have to rank this one at third.** That's saying ALOT considering I think I must have tried at least a hundred right now. TBH, I think that plumpness is not something that is currently stressing me out (I feel so locked down in my current glow/hydration routine) whereas this pesky adult acne and the resulting scars are much more of a stressor in my life.

That said - if plumpness and lift is on your wish list this would be at the top of my recommendations. Like it's cousin the Reset Button, this mask has that amazing feeling and fitting sheet. I know I said this before but I never really thought about how important the actual sheet is for the effectiveness and pleasure of the experience. This one nails it. Top points for having a thin, silky feel and just the right amount of serum. 

After words my face looked plump and dewy - all the things I aspire towards. The only reason it's third is probably because of how absurd my obsession is with the first two. Also, full disclosure, the next day I had a new spot on my chin. I have been playing whackamole with my chin for so long that I had like a PTSD reaction. Next time I use this one I will probably fold it up, or cut off the bottom. Not even sure these two things are related, logically and from what I know about science probably not. I confess that sometimes I can be a little insane in my correlations. In hindsight, as I write this I realize how insane I am being. I am going to refocus now. 

The ingredients in this one are equally awesome and all on my radar as super hero-type stuff. 

Ginseng – long celebrated in Asia as one of the most powerful collagen-boosting and skin-regenerating natural ingredients, ginseng helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Snail Secretion Filtrate – purified snail mucin delivers incredible results – skin is dramatically firmer, brighter, hydrated. This natural, lightweight, scentless ingredient is one of the most popular ingredients coming out of Korea, due to its incredible ability to visibly plump up and restore skin.
Kidney bean – kidney beans have high amounts of antioxidants and flavonoids, which actively improve fine lines and wrinkles while fighting free radical damage. Kidney beans are also rich in zinc and Vitamin B6, which repair damaged skin.
Peptides – peptides are included in the formula to help boost collagen production; when combined with skin-replenishing, antioxidant-rich ingredients, the results are amplified.
Galactomyces – galactomyces visibly brightens skin and boosts radiance. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant fighting free radical damage and at the same time strengthening the skin barrier.
Niacinamide – also known as vitamin B3, this hero ingredient is proven to brighten skin and decrease hyperpigmentation. This ingredient has also been shown to improve skin elasticity and restore bounce and plumpness.
Skullcap Root – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin brightening agent. This combination helps skin effectively combat signs of aging.
Black Soybean – combats hyperpigmentation and improves skin texture.
Tremella Mushroom – deeply hydrates skin and visibly plumps it up.
Hyaluronic acid – intensively moisturizes skin
Camellia water – camellia is one of the longest used beauty ingredients in Korea for the rich benefits it delivers. Camellia water is high in oleic acid, nourishing Omega 3,6, and 9, as well as vitamins A, B, D and E. Consider this a vitamin-pack for the skin resulting in supple and healthier skin.
Adenosine – a cell-communicating ingredient that supports healthy cell function. Helps improve fine lines and deeper wrinkles.
Ylang Ylang – balances skin, improves skin tone, and is known to be a mood booster. Formulated with zero artificial fragrances, the very subtle aroma of the ylang ylang flower essential oil lifts your spirits as your face is being lifted and firmed.

**In case you're wondering, 1st Place: Reset Button 2nd Place: Mizon Snail

Chubby Cheeks Mask ($10 off your first P+L purchase) or if you just want a few get free shipping from Macy's 

What you should snag from the UO Members 20% Sale

Before all the good stuff gets picked over (or hidden away) for Black Friday, Urban Outfitters is holding a special "members only" 20% off sale to drive uploads of their loyalty app. Download the app and you'll get 20% off the entire store - including beauty! Since they actually stock a primo list of some of my favorite brands like Mario Badescu, Hyalamide, and Gourmand I had to had over and stock up. Beauty discounts are rare and not to be taken for granted.

Here are my top picks:

Gourmand Hand Cream $8
As if the yummy smells weren't good enough, this super rich cream is also fast absorbing, and comes in an adorable, purse-perfect tube. Makes an awesome stocking stuffer/8th night of Hannukah gift.

 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17
(Not pictured) It's the original sulfur sediment in a liquid base drying drop and it still one of the best (and most affordable) options on the market.

Niod Photography Fluid $30 & Hylamide Photography Foundation in Golden Tan $21 & HA Blur Finisher $19

You've probably seen these pore-vanishing, glow inducing, glazed and delicious primers popping up all over my makeup tutorials (like in my Golden Glowing 3 Steps article , Natural Glowing Dewy article and/or matching video) and while they look amazing in photos (hello holiday party papparazzi) they actually look even better in person. Plus they are oil-free, awesome for sensitive skin, and also have adorable packaging.

Aquis Essentials Hair Towel $30
This fancy, soft turbee towel receives insanely good reviews for decreasing drying time and reducing frizz (it doesn't rough of the cuticle like normal towels!) It's also cuter than the turbee towel, and significantly more luxurious feeling. ITG may rave about the infomercial favorite, but they couldn't even post a picture of it because it would be so off brand. Consider this is the luscious, luxuriou, and significantly cuter giftable version.  You can gift yourself one, too.


These Sunglasses (original blog posts here, and here)  because they are 20% off and not sold out

Golden Glowing Winter Skin in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Apply a golden tinged photoblurring primer like Deciem's Hyalamide Photography Finisher in Golden Tan to entire face including eyelids and lips.

Step 2: Top with a thin layer of your foundation of choice. On my dermatologist's recommendation I am currently using this amazing oil-free foundation. I smooshed it all over with my fingers and then buffed it out with a beauty blender doused in rose water mist.

Step 3: Highlight underneath the cheekbone with a bronze highilighter stick - I used Glossier Haloscope in Topaz. Draw a straight line under the bone and brush up with your fingers.

Optional, pencil in some brow and throw on a coat of mascara. Head out the door.

Review: Peach & Lily's New Reset Button Sheet Mask and $10 Off

I've been a big fan if P&L for awhile - they single handedly brought me the joy and wonder of Korean skincare, and taught me so much about my skin and how to treat it - so when they asked if I wanted to try their sheet masks I was over the moon. They spent over a year developing everything from the serum formulas to the sheet mask materials to ensure the ultimate sheet masking experience.

First, some thoughts on the mask. It's thin and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear, but comes smartly packed so that you don't tear it to pieces trying to unfold it. It's got a more adjustable fit, it managed to provide ample coverage on my entire face without making my roots greasy or getting in my eyes. In terms of sheet masks I never really thought about how important the actual sheet is, but having it pointed out to me and noticing the difference I've realized I have a strong preference for thin, silky masks that don't dry out but also don't drip everywhere. Part of the experience is the pleasure of application and the self-care, and a subpar sheet can really take away from that.

Next on the list after feel has got to be the overall experience. Smell is important. In this case the smell is natural, pleasant and slightly herbal. It definitely doesn't have that chemically under note which can be a little disconcerting. It makes sense because there are no scary chemicals in it.

After that it's all about ingredients. I like to recognize and understand what kind of stuff I'm putting on my face. I'm a big fan of chemistry, but it's also nice to have ingredients that have stood the test of time. Things like flower essences and herbs that my grandmother might recognize. Women in my family are big on skincare.

The "super skin ingredient list" on this mask reads like a high end tea sachet.  Since the Reset Button mask is designed to calm skin and provide soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits plus hydration and healing, it's great to see some of the hero ingredients I already use in my favorite products.

Here's a full list and what they claim to do:
Lavender extract – a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal, lavender helps keep skin troubles at bay. 
As an anti-inflammatory, irritated angry skin is calmed down.
Propolis – a non-comedogenic anti-inflammatory ingredient – known as nature’s antibiotic – is beneficial for acne-prone skin.
Chamomile extract – this power ingredient calms down inflamed skin, is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredient to help keep bacteria at bay (read: acne), fights off free radical damage, and soothes damaged and angry skin effectively.
Licorice extract – acts as a powerful natural agent to restore skin and calm it down so that you can start fresh again.
Calendula extract – soothes and restores skin at once; helps heal and strengthen thin skin promoting calmer, stronger and more radiant skin.
Centella Asiatica – a beloved ingredient in Asia for its ability to heal damaged tissues (think: sun damage, laser peels-aftermath, scarring).
Skullcap Root – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin brightening agent. This combination helps skin effectively combat signs of aging.
Bergamot – a natural anti-fungal, this natural ingredient helps keep skin pure.
Peppermint extract – helps soothe skin (peppermint oil is known to help alleviate itchy skin).
Rosemary extract – stimulates skin renewal and deeply hydrates skin.
Freesia extract – packed with antioxidants to help prevent damage to skin, and a natural anti-inflammatory calming skin down.
Aloe – hydrates skin and helps soothe and repair damage.
Tremella Mushroom – deeply hydrates skin and visibly restores and plumps it up.
Rosewater – soothes sensitive skin while hydrating and providing anti-aging benefits.

Last, but probably not least, I love the cute, somewhat minimalist packaging. I'm such a sucker for packaging. 

But of course none of this matters if it doesn't work. I used the mask in the morning, after following my usual routine (LED light, nuface, wash, Glossier super pure, hyalamide subq anti-age) and then followed it up with my moisturizer, blemish remedy concealer, and oil-free foundation. By the evening when I went to wash my make-up off I noticed my skin was looking noticeably calmer, some red acne marks on my chin were noticeably faded, my pores were tight, and a big angry zit on my cheek which I picked at was flattened out. In terms of noticeable and fast results I was blown away. 

Get your own from Peach + Lily, I know I'll be stocking up for the holiday stress season. 

RESET BUTTON SHEET MASK ($10 off your first P+L purchase) or if you just want a few get free shipping from Macy's 
Stay tuned for reviews of the other two masks, coming soon! 

masks were gifted to try 

Yummy Shake That Might Make Your Skin Glow

It's pretty hard for me to go crazy and say "this shake will make you look gorgeous!" because I already do a lot of things - hard to pinpoint one, and the body is a complicated system. That said, this shake is delicious. Like next level tasty. It's awesome for morning when I am not feeling amazing but need to put something in my belly to take pills. I like the ingredient list of alkalinizing dried greens (wheatgrass, spirulina, ginseng, broccoli, kale to name a few) and I like the way it tastes mixed with some swerve and almond milk. I can also add protein powder - it tastes particularly good with the cheap whole foods brand - or throw in some fruit or oats.

Basically it's delicious, and it's easy to throw in my nutribullet (which was an awesome xmas present!) It seems to be lasting forever, although I don't drink it everyday. Long story short is I dig it, and while I don't believe in magic beauty powder, I wouldn't say no to a healthy mint chocolate chip morning shake. Also, the copper mugs keep it cool which makes it more delicious. They're not just for mules!

Hum Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder | Copper Mugs

Review: Everlane Puffer

I've been a big fan of Everlane's elevated basics for a while now, so when my favorite puffy coat split at the seam and started shedding feathers it seemed ridiculously prescient that they released these coats 4 days later. 

I quickly ordered - even springing for the expedited shipping - because my puffer is just an essential wardrobe staple for me. I use it for going to and from workouts - it's perfect with leggings - but also as a layering piece under my cuter, less functional coats.  There's a reason I go through them about every two seasons. I love them to death.

My expectations were pretty high - Everlane does classics really well - but I knew from past experience with the bomber and the trench that their outerwear runs small, so I promptly ordered a small black puffer.

You may notice that my puffer is navy.

A mailroom mixup means that the navy puffer came into my life instead of the black. They offered to express ship me a new one, cover the cost of the returns and a whole bunch of other things (over Facebook messenger, A++ customer service guys) but I liked the navy and I needed the coat and so I kept it. 

It's uber soft, which is partly why I love me a good puffer. Give me that I'm still in bed feeling or lose me forever. It has to feel good. It also needs a sleek-ish silhouette (let's be honest, it is a puffer)  both for the look and for the layering. I have to admit, I am seriously digging the matte finish, it is so chic. Plus my sparkly puffy quotient is filled. The zipper is easy to use and the extra wide snap buttons have a nice matte look, and our easy for me to close.  Also, they look sleek with their matte caps in lieu of yucky silver metal snaps (which I think can look a little cheap, love OCD.) 

Best of all, it is very very warm. It has primaloft - which my husband tells me is used in high end sleeping bags. All I know is I've worn it in the temperature range of 61 to 42 degrees so far (the latter with a thin cotton sweater) and been the perfect temperature. 

I also like the way they did the collar. It's super sleek but also makes the jacket really nice for layering, and has a nice comfortable fit against the neck. It also looks very cool with a turtleneck. 

Overall, I would strongly recommend (in fact seriously considering another one in black IDK is that insane?) 

Video: The Glossier Black Tie Set

Glossier Black Tie Set plus 20% off your first purchase Peach & Lily Sheet Mask Set plus 10 off your first purchase(available on November 11) |  Pop & Suki Purse & Key Chain | TheRealReal Coat | Maxi Dress 

Finding Beauty in Fear

I love this shirt. It's from Shop Two Songs, brainchild of one of my favorite bloggers, Aimee Song of Song of Style,  and her sister Dani, a fashion maven in her own right. The pink version of this shirt (which has been sold out forever) donated 50% of proceeds to breast cancer research.

Here's what I love about this shirt.

It's soft. It's got a super flattering cut. It's chic and tongue-in-cheek. It is completely devoid of any swirls, paisley, comic sans font, the word survivor, gigantic pink ribbons, and other well meaning but aesthetically displeasing symbols of the breast cancer awareness movement. It benefited research, not awareness - which is very important to me because I think there's a disproportionate amount of funding dedicated to making people aware they need mammograms, and not enough spent on finding a cure for the disease that will eventually kill me.

Most of all - it's beautiful. I feel beautiful with those flowers on my chest. This place in my body that is a source of so much fear, pain, anguish, has been turned into something beautiful. It's so simple and meaningful. It's like the hippy who put the daisy in the gun during the anti-Vietnam  war movement.

Women's health issues are just one of the sources of the wave of fear and anguish sweeping through our nation right now in the wake of election losses. Many people feel powerless, something I am much too familiar with after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

And yet, within all of that there is a spark of beauty. Watching people mobilize, band together, support each other, take action via donations to support imperiled agencies, start educating themselves on how the government works and how they can protect themselves and their rights.

Our country is sick. There is a cancer - one which has been growing and spreading for longer than I think any of us want to admit. There will be pain, there will be hard battles fought, we will walk away with scars. There is also a beauty in the way that people have been galvanized, in how we will fight the battles that need to be fought. In what will come after all of this.

I have to believe that there is a beauty that will be born from this fear. Now excuse me while I go make a donation to one of these organizations.

  • Planned ParenthoodGive women the opportunities for proper healthcare, education, and activism.
  • The Future ProjectHelp the young people of America fulfill their potential.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceHelp stop domestic violence. 
  • RAINNAssist the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network in combating sexual violence, aiding victims, and ensuring that perpetrators are caught.
  • ACLUUphold the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all by the Constitution and the laws of the United States.
  • Friends of the Earth: Contribute to international network of environmental groups. They’ve already vowed to fight the threat Trump poses to the environment.
  • Border AngelsAdvocate for immigration reform and social justice specifically regarding the U.S.-Mexico border. . 
  • NextGen Climate ActionVolunteer with this group that works to flight climate change through political action.

Join the Safety Pin Movement

Photo by Lydia Hudgens 

Originally published in Vox (recovering from chemo - sorry to cut and paste)

Brits in the wake of the Brexit earlier this year. In June, after the National Police Chiefs’ Council concluded that it had seen a 57 percent rise in reported incidents, Prime Minister David Cameron had to address MPs and the British public to state that the vote was not an excuse to commit xenophobic abuse.
That was also when Brits realized the power of a simple safety pin.
During the height of these attacks, many people wanted to show solidarity, support, and offer safety to one another but didn’t know how. And an American woman named Allison (who didn’t want her last name revealed in the Guardian) living in Britain at the time decided that she wanted to change that:In a big city like London, or even in someplace smaller like a grocery store, or a coffee shop, we’re all just strangers to one another. It can be difficult for all of us to either reach out for help or offer help. A symbol as simple as a safety pin can be an important first step in showing solidarity and support for people who are scared and upset at this time.
After Allison shared her idea, a #safetypin hashtag began trending, and Brits began posting selfies of themselves wearing safety pins on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a way to raise awareness.
The “safety pin” symbol was inspired by the 2014 #illridewithyou movement in Sydney, Australia. where people offered to sit next to Muslims who felt threatened on their commutes — at the time, there was fear of an Islamophobic backlash after a terrorist attack in Sydney left two hostages and the gunman dead (one of the hostages was killed by a bullet ricochet). And its spirit is in line with a guide to stopping Islamophobia that recently went viral and offers solutions to bystanders and witnesses.
There’s now a burgeoning effort in the United States for people to start wearing the safety pin stateside in the face of post-election attacks and harassment. Having to adopt a symbol of anti-violence and anti-bigotry is not exactly what any of us thought we’d be doing in the wake of a presidential election taking place in 2016, but it could be one small way to signal that you’re an ally (regardless of who you voted for) to someone who probably didn’t think they’d be in this vitriolic and volatile situation either.

In the Pink: Glossier's Black Tie Set and Peach & Lily's New Face Mask

If you want a present that doesn't need to be wrapped, filled with cool girl beauty staples - look no further. Glossier's Black Tie set includes 4 exclusive** products: Glossier pink polish, graphite eyeliner, Haloscope in Moonstone (made with real moonstone) and a clear gloss with the lightest tint of pink. Complete the perfect pink package with Peach & Lily's new sheet masks. The adorable pink packaging holds three sheet masks perfect for pre/post party prep: Good Skin Day to drench + nourish, Chubby Cheeks to lift + plump, and Reset Button to soothe and restore post party skin (so you can be ready for the next one.)

I'll be honest I haven't even opened them yet (I'm saving them for a special occasion!) but the packaging is so cute and on point. I just trust these brands. They have earned my trust. Plus, in the land of being superficial about how products look and wanting things that work - these people have proven their metal. Plus, I've done a deep dive on the ingredients and they are so on point.

I feel like a hoarder who's scared to open them and use them. I will get over it. Until then, I'll just be freaking out over how adorable they look all nestled together with my fancy purse.

Don't worry, I'll be posting back here soon with a video and a full review. Hopefully before they sell out.

Glossier Black Tie Set plus 20% off your first purchase | Peach & Lily Sheet Mask Set plus 10 off your first purchase(available on November 11) |  Pop & Suki Purse & Key Chain

**And yes, exclusive - the products in the glossier set can only be bought in the set and only through the new year.