How to use Blurs

I call them blurs, but some people call them primers, pore erasers, colorless foundation. Whatever you call them there exists a mystical and hard to understand middle land of colorless/white potions that claim to "erase" pores, and smooth "texture" of skin. They can, as most will tell you, be worn alone or under foundation. Makeup artists like to tell you they can also be used after foundation. Are you feeling as overwhelmed as I am?

In today's video I am going to talk about and demonstrate the various ways to use what I refer to as blurs in three different ways:  alone, before, and after foundation.

Hylamide Ha Blur
Niod Photography fluid
concealer (eyes) and concealer (eyes)
 concealer (acne)  and concealer (acne)
Foundation all over, blended with the beauty blender and some mist
Haloscope in Quartz on nose and upper cheekbones
Haloscope in Topaz under cheekbones

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  1. Inspired me to buy some Hylamide Blur....<3

  2. Hi Dena, i found your blog yesterday and i've been reading non stop ever since.
    I´m in love with the products you mentioned here,Hylamide,niod, i mean Deciem,i want to buy a lot of things and they deliver in my country, it´s beyond!
    so i wanted to ask you wich products do you do recommend for a starter on Deciem,that won´t desappoint at all.
    i tell you this, i was thinking in:
    -Retin-oil for body- for strecht marks i have;
    -Hylamide Blur-for non base days or even base;
    -the ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5- for hydration.

    if you could give me your feedback i would be very happy.

    love reading your blog.

    thank you,

    1. I think that's an AWESOME place to start - I would say the only other thing would say is a must try is the hand chemistry hand and foot creams (they are unlike anything else) and the hylamide subq which is just an incredible, light all around anti-aging serum. Also, their customer service is amazing so you can also email them and say "I'm worried about x y z" and they will send you back a custom routine including when to apply what and in what order!