OTK Boots & Spanx Leather Leggings

Listen, the word of mouth on these puppies is intense. Like just say the words "leather leggings" and the person is going to respond "SPANX HAS THESE NEW ONES." They are so awesome. Thick but not uncomfortable with a nice wide waistband and no seems to leave indentations. Leather-y but not shiny like dance pants, more like expensive smooth leather. Warm enough to be warn alone to about 35 degrees (if worn with high boots!) and magically flattering. I'm wearing them with my beloved Everlane Long Puffer, which is too small for me but they were sold out in my size and I had to have it and it's my favorite, plus like three layers underneath, plus a giant scarf that makes me look like a gloworm but in a snuggly way, and yet somehow from the legs down I feel sexyaaa. Which is probably why I was prancing around like the unicorn I am. 

 Also, how cool are these lights??

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  1. You look fabulous! I have recently dicovered you and read your entire back catalogue (blogalogue??)....thanks for the EVERYTHING. Much love, health and glitter to you for 2017 and way, way beyond Dena. Penny X


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