Glossier's Most Popular Cloud Paint is Back in Stock

When something sold out on Glossier in the olden days, it was because they were unprepared for the overwhelming demand. Now that they've raised multiple rounds of funding and have a healthy dose of capital (and better able to anticipate demand!) the new product launches aren't selling out anymore. SO when something sells out now, it basically means it's freaking epic. Behold - Beam - the cloud paint so natural and glowing it kind of snuck up on me. I wasn't expecting it. It was the last one I opened. Peach, meh. I thought. Then I finally gave it a chance (on my now faux sun-kissed face) and was literally blown away by how many compliments I got.

Paired here with boy brow in brown, haloscope in moonstone, priming mist, priming moisturizer rich, daily sunscreen shieldglossier lip gloss, and a whole lot of spring swagger.

PS Teva's are the new birkenstocks (see Prada) you heard it here third....