From the doctor:


Upset Tummy:
Ducosate Sodium (stool softener)
Selena (laxative)
Imodium AD (anti-diarrhea)

Discomfort Related to Hairloss:
Hyrdocortisone cream (OTC for skin sensitivity, especially on the scalp while hair is falling out)
Fluids (and not just water! In fact the nurse said water alone is not enough to keep you hydrated on chemo!
 I like:

- Coconut water (which I order from Amazon)  ---- Powerade Zero/G2 (less sugar means less stomach upset).
- You'll also want things like jello, tea, soup.

Bland, pre-prepared food (cooking can cause nausea), my personal fave is mashed potatoes.

Hand Sanitizer, so much handsanitizer, get ready to swim in it. My favorites (because they smell pleasant and don't dry you out!) are:

Jurlique a fresh, herblike gel which leaves hands feeling clean, not sticky
Clean a hand cream with a smell like laundry soap (not in a bad way) that is very moisturixing
CleanWell a citrusy spray, it can be a little sticky sometimes but it leaves a clean feeling that isn't too drying
EO Spray Lavender (thank you Nurse Gwen) which has an amazing smell and feels both clean/dry on your hands without drying them. 


Your mouth is one of those areas filled with fast acting cells that the chemo can do a number on. 
This is a list of things you can try throughout the process to alleviate/prevent these side effects.

Before Treatment Begins:
Go to the dentist
Stock up on products (trust me, the last thing you'll want to do the day or/after treatment is go into a drugstore!) my dentist, nurse & (who specialize in chemo products) all swear by the Biotyne line.

During Injections:
Suck on something cold like popsicles or ice chips! Trust me, it really helped!

After Treatment:
Gargle with a mix of salt, baking soda and water. If painful sores develop ask your nurse/doctor for "magic mouthwash"

Products for Dry Mouth & Mouth Sores 
Sensitive Toothbrush (amazon)
Gentle Toothpaste/Mouthwash ( has the best selection!)
Baking Soda (to make a mouth rinse to treat/prevent mouth sores)
Dry Mouth Gum  (also from
Plastic/Wood Utensils  Some chemos have a side effect of leaving everything tasting like metal, but eating from plastic instead has had a huge impact for many survivors I spoke with.


You can watch me every step of the way from bald to blonde pixie to shoulder length here in my Growing it Out section. This post covers the first year in great detail:


The good news - if you are not doing Taxol then you can pretty much still hold onto the hope that these bad boys will just thin, instead of totally fall out. If you (like me) are worried - Anastasia has a great eyebrow kit at sephora which includes eyebrow stencils and everything else you might possibly need, plus really good instructions! And of course Benefit cosmetics has some amazing brow kits as
Eyes & Brows:
Benefit Brows a-go-go kit & Eye Brightening Kit
Eyeko Eyeliner Pen
Givenchy Magic Kajal
Anastasia Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes
Benefit They're Real
Benefit BadGal Lash
Benefit High Brow
Anastasia Brow Prep
Benefit Kabrow Gel


The secret to lips is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I love the Glossier Balm.Com